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03 Mar, 2017

10 predictions – where will digital transformation be by 2020

 -DX Economy 2020

Where will digital transformation be in 2020? Will all companies be digitally transformed? Are brands going to communicate with customer using Artificial Intelligence? Will we work from home and meet colleagues by Virtual Reality? The possibilities are quite literally endless. A slightly cheesy way to put it, but the...

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02 Mar, 2017

Digital Transformers: Top technology in Digital Healthcare

 -Transformers in healthcare

When working on your digital transformation, it’s often necessary to purchase new technology or work with you current provider to adjust your system. There is so much software out there and of course, to do your due diligence takes time. So, we thought we would simplify things a little...

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01 Mar, 2017

10 business models of digital disruptors

 -10 business models for digitally disruptive businesses

Once you’ve completed step 1 in your digital transformation journey, you will have set clear goals, audited your own assets and examined your wider market, you know have the basis from which to envision your new digitally transformed business. According to Digital Intelligence Today, there are 10 digital business...

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28 Feb, 2017

Interview with Russ Klein, CEO, American Marketing Association – Transformational CMO Keynote Speaker

 -Interview with Russ Klein, CEO, American Marketing Association

The Millennium Alliance is thrilled to announce the participation of Russ Klein, CEO from the American Marketing Association is joining us at Transformational CMO Assembly as our keynote speaker. In the run-up to the event, we sat down with the “flamethrower” himself and quizzed him a little about his...

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27 Feb, 2017

We’re turning 3 – Millennium Alliance celebrates it’s birthday this week

 -Millennium Alliance birthday turns 3

This Friday, March 3rd it’s our birthday. Millennium Alliance is turning 3. 3 on 3/3! So how did it all begin? Once upon a time, in a magical kingdom known to locals as New York, our heroes Rob and Alex were chatting about the state of the events’ industry....

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24 Feb, 2017

How to sell your digital transformation vision? 4 steps to get buy-in from your peers


Let’s set the scene. You’ve been promoted to the board to lead the digital transformation, but first, you need to get the other members to buy-in to your vision. Easier said than done! Any major shift in business practice requires clear and open communication. It will be crucial to...

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23 Feb, 2017

Interview with Adam Sharp, Former Head of News, Government, and Elections, Twitter – Keynote Speaker at this month’s Digital Marketing Transformation Assembly

 -Adam Sharp, Twitter interview

Yesterday we sat down with Adam Sharp, Former Head of News, Government, and Elections at Twitter and now Founder of Sharp Things LLC.  This month, you joined us at Digital Marketing Transformation Assembly as our keynote speaker. What were your key takeaways from the event? AS: The biggest takeaway for...

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23 Feb, 2017

Kindle books on digital transformation to get you through to the weekend

 -Top digital transformation Kindle books

On Tuesday, we released a blog showcasing our top 4 digital transformation podcast episodes to get you through your commute. With the weekend around the corner, here are our favorite 5 Amazon Kindle books that you can download right now. The Digital Transformation Playbook: Rethink Your Business for the...

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22 Feb, 2017

Has digital made traditional marketing channels obsolete?

 -Traditional is not obsolete

Digital, the word that appears to preface every new trend or technological advance these days. As a marketer, it is almost impossible to keep up with every new digital strategy or tactic. A little experiment. At 9.19am, I went to Google News as I often do and typed in...

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21 Feb, 2017

4 digital transformation podcasts to listen to on your way home today

 -Top 10 podcasts to listen to if you're considering digital transformation

Podcasts are a fantastic source of information. Listening on the subway to work, or walking home, they provide great content and useful tips. If you’re looking for some commuting entertainment, here are our top picks to get you home today. Happy listening! Listen to the Wall Street Journal’s Media...

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