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Open Banking Technology: the Consumer’s Digital Piggy Bank

 -Open banking technology

What is Open Banking Technology? “Open banking is the concept that allows banks to share customer data with third-party companies or apps securely and in real time, through the use of open application interface platforms. Making that data accessible to other parties allows them to build a better customer...

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Introducing the Technology Quotient with Digital Healthcare Transformation Assembly Keynote John Nosta

 -John Nosta Keynote video

John Nosta, Digital Health Evangelist & President, NOSTALAB joined us as our keynote speaker at the Digital Healthcare Transformation Assembly back in April. He provided keen insight into the notion of digital health from a functional, philosophical standpoint. John runs a think tank that looks into what’s going on in technology and how...

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08 May, 2017

Should Startups be concerned with Digital Transformation?

 -Should Startups be concerned with Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is arguably the single most talked about business trend of the moment. You can’t talk to a senior-level executive these days without it coming up! “90% of CEOs believe the digital economy will impact their industry, but less than 15% are executing a digital strategy.” – MIT Sloan and...

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05 May, 2017

News round up: Healthcare Measure passed, Retail C-Level shake-ups continue, SEC Head announced and more…

 -News weekly round-up

The weekly news round-up starts this week with Healthcare. Last night, the house passed a measure to repeal and replace Obamacare. A close call, the measure passed with 217 to 213 votes. The measure still faces profound uncertainty in the Senate. A handful of Republican senators immediately rejected it, opting...

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04 May, 2017

Artificial Intelligence is Finding its Feet in Retail

 -Artificial Intelligence is Finding its Feet in Retail

Ikea, the major furniture retailer, has been dabbling in augmented and virtual reality. Recently the company launched a survey to gauge how their consumers really feel about artificial intelligence. This indicated that Ikea is looking to AI and virtual assistant capabilities, to improve customer experience. The survey, called “Do You Speak Human?,” was created...

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03 May, 2017

Who is the Innovative Technology Leader?


Digital Transformation has been one of the loudest calls to action for CIOs this year. When successfully achieved, digital innovation has the ability to achieve both revenue growth and cost reduction. Businesses are facing unprecedented complexity, as more and more technology enters the market. While the evolution of technology...

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How Fyre Festival got Influencer Marketing Right…(and everything else wrong)

 -Fyre Festival

If you were pondering through the trending hashtags on Friday like I was, you might have come across #FyreFestival. Today, Vanity Fair released an exclusive look at the company’s leaked marketing pitch deck…adding fuel to the “fyre storm”. Photos from the Bahamas-based event spread like wildfire across social media,...

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Trump appoints new Surgeon General


As Trump reaches the 100-day milestone, he has signed more bills into law than his 3 predecessors but is yet to achieve any major legislation changes. Despite hefty campaign promises, Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act remains in place. Having said that, Trump has made some waves in healthcare, most...

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28 Apr, 2017

Highlights from Digital Retail Transformation Assembly – 7 Trends of Retail

 -Digital Retail Transformation Assembly recap post

Here is a look back at the social media commentary of Digital Retail Transformation Assembly - #CDORAssembly

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27 Apr, 2017

What are the Miles on the Road to Digital Transformation?

 -Strategic Guide Digital Transformation

With the consumer being more informed than ever and using digital tools not only to communicate but to seek answers, companies are being forced to adapt. To stay ahead of their competition, companies are battling to be the first to digital transform. Every industry’s digital transformation will be different....

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