#MillenniumLive on Data-Driven Brand Experiences with AnyRoad

This week #MillenniumLive is tackling the topic of Experiential Marketing, and how brands are leveraging it to drive loyalty and lifetime value. We’re joined by Jonathan Yaffe, Co-Founder & CEO at AnyRoad, and he shares why we’re moving away from the “things” economy, and onto one more focused on experiences. He emphasizes the importance of […]


#MillenniumLive on 2021’s Tech-Driven Marketing Trends with Ameex Technologies

#MillenniumLive is joined by Prathap Venkatesan, Chief Growth Officer and Head of Digital Solutions & Digital Analytics at Ameex Technologies. We dive into how AI and other forms of digital transformation are impacting marketing, what Google’s recent algorithm changes mean for marketers, and 2021’s top digital marketing trends. Venkatesan also shares how Ameex Technologies brings […]

Our August Transformational CMO & Retail Assembly: Here’s What You Missed

Our August Transformational CMO & Retail Assembly: Here’s What You Missed

Last week, our Transformational CMO & Retail Virtual Assembly brought together C-Suite leaders to discuss the prevailing trends and challenges marketers & retailers are facing today. Participants discussed customer engagement, cause marketing, digital-first strategies, leading martech solutions, and more. Check out our event highlights below to get the full scoop! Welcome Workshop Day one kicked […]


#MillenniumLive with Espressive on Employee Self Help & Automation’s Role in Training

#MillenniumLive welcomes back Pat Calhoun, Co-Founder & CEO at Espressive. This time we discuss the essentials of employee self help, including the top tools for collaboration and automation’s role in streamlining tasks. Why is an internal help desk so important? Calhoun shares that delivering a good customer experience is extremely difficult to attain when you’re […]


David Sable Shares: Why Succession Planning is Vital to Securing Your Company’s Future—and Your Professional Legacy

As originally published by David Sable on Linkedin. Subscribe to the newsletter! Your success as a leader is not only defined by your current actions but is engraved in your legacy. And to me, legacy means the viability and longevity of what you’ve left behind, the ability of the next generation to take the company to […]

Back to School Spending - SlickDeals

Back to School Spending Will Reach Record Highs in 2021

Back to School spending will reach record highs in 2021 As kids head back into the classroom for the 2021 school year, back-to-school eCommerce sales are expected to grow with many parents increasing their average anticipated spend. According to the National Retail Federation, total expected spending for back-to-school will reach $37.1B, up $3.2B from 2020, setting […]

David Sable - Inspiration Making a Comeback

David Sable Asks, Is the Magic of Inspiration Making a Comeback?

As originally published by David Sable on Linkedin. Subscribe to the newsletter! Are ideas digital or analog? What about inspiration? I ask because I recently heard yet another “Digital First” presentation, and I was challenged to find any original idea at all in the very smart and fashionable deck shared with myself and the rest […]

Omnichannel Slickdeals

Using an Omnichannel Strategy to Drive Longterm Engagement and Increase Sales

Contributed by Slickdeals Business Goals Behind Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Walmart sees the bulk of its annual revenue from one of the biggest shopping events of the year: Back to School. Their goal for the 2020 Back to School event was to maintain profit margin and drive bottom line sales. They partnered with Slickdeals […]

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