At Millennium, we are always looking for the next generation of thinkers and ambitious souls. In the era of constant change and innovation, a company can only go as far as their people. We remain committed to seeking new challenges, different outlooks, and game changing ideas to help better our business, staff and community.

The Millennium Alliance provides every employee with all of the opportunities needed today to have a long, healthy career and a competitive edge. Wherever the journey may take you, working here will allow you to:

collaboration Meet and collaborate with the worlds leading business and policy experts.

hospital Medical/Dental benefits

bowling Earn industry-leading compensation and have a ball while doing so.

progress-report Genuine career progression opportunities including fast tracking management program.

travel Travel different parts of world, experience different cultures , and gain different outlooks on key social and business topics.

sunbed Generous PTO benefits including two weeks off at the end of the year.

boss Receive mentorship and training from our talented management team (including
external workshops from leading academics, authors, thought leaders, and business coaches)

 wine Quarterly Company outings

icon Experience a true entrepreneurial and fast changing culture.

 money-bag Uncapped commission for salespersons

tools Build and design unique media platforms from start up phase to execution

treadmill Corporate gym discount & allotted gym time during work day.

 2 volunteer days a year

Paid maternity and family leave to its employees

The Event Coordinator works in all of the preliminary planning stages of our events, including communicating with sponsors, delegate attendees, hotel and venue staff, internal sales staff, and travel companies. The Event Coordinator is communicating with high level executives from all of the aforementioned companies on a daily basis, making sure their meeting requirements are set, their work agenda is planned, and their travel arrangements are as requested.

We are currently looking for experienced Account Managers to join our National Assembly delegate acquisition team. The C-Suite Relationship Manager is one of the most crucial positions at Millennium. Our clients in the end user community are essentially our value proposition. Their experiences with us will help to create other good experiences for all of our clients. Successful candidates will have an existing network of C-Level executives within the Fortune 500 space and the ability to build on that in multiple industries

We are currently hiring a Receptionist for our New York office.  Responsibilities include serving visitors by greeting, welcoming, and directing them appropriately, answer, screen and forward any incoming phone calls.  You will be responsible for sorting daily mail/deliveries/couriers as well as oversee office supplies and pantry stock. Update appointment calendars and schedule meetings/appointments and perform other clerical receptionist duties as well as assist the VP Human Resources.

We are currently looking for experienced Account Managers to join our National Assembly sponsorship sales team. The event sponsorships you sell will be targeted to B2B organizations. Successful candidates will have an existing network of technology vendor clients within the Fortune 500 space and the ability to build on that in multiple industries.

What Our Employees Are Saying

“Millennium has enabled me to develop my sales skills far beyond what I had learned previously.


The best part about my job is working with a great group of people in an environment that allows me to be creative and passionate about what I do. It’s refreshing being able to work with such a talented group of young people who constantly challenge you to exceed expectations.”

“In my time here at The Millennium Alliance I have not only learned the importance of transparency but I have watched in action straight from our CEOs to the most recent members. In our industry I Believe it separates the good events from the great one and within a company it allows for a particular culture to grow and develop. Transparency allows our events to create the most value for all parties involved. From the conception stages to completion, our clients know that we are setting them up for a successful and valued event and they know EXACTLY what they are attending.


In addition I have also learned that total input from all members of a team in crucial and celebrated. Working here taught me that it truly is a team effort from within. Production team, sales and delegates teams work hand in hand creating this event and it is a consistent over lapping almost ven-diagram where we all are connecting in the middle towards the same goals. From small ideas to adjusting a call to improving upon your sales tactics to large meetings about new assemblies to add comes from all members of the organization. It goes hand and hand with the transparency factor. It is going to be honest feedback here and putting it to good use will create success within the team. I have had great mentors and managers and sit in a room everyday with people who believe in their team and what we are able to do together. They believe in our abilities. They have created a culture that is supportive, where hard work is valued and achievements are applauded.

– The best part about my job is the autonomy. You are responsible for the effort you put into the events and what you take away from them. You are creating an experience with people who otherwise you would probably never get to network with. there is so much knowledge in one room and you are a part of it. You can listen to executives ideas and gain insight into several different industries and the real issues they are going through.Meanwhile you are networking with them and creating valued business relationships towards the future. You walk away feeling accomplished. You work long hours and for months on one event and watching it come to fruition is amazing. You truly see all the hard work from all sides of the organization. That is what I have been trying to find in a work place for a long time. In addition the travel doesn’t hurt at all! Not to mention you are in a Five Star hotel as well on several different locations creating a mutually beneficial experience.

Millennium has enabled me to continue to believe in the concept of hard work DOES pay off. Millennium has enabled me to confidently speak with people everyday about the experience we are creating knowing that it genuinely improves their businesses as allows organization to be helped in a positive way. “

“Working at the Millennium Alliance has given me the opportunity to learn and experience so much. I have learned the art of client services. I have had hands-on experience with managing the needs and accommodations of C-Level clients, as well as the planning and production of the best networking events in North America. I have traveled all over the country, and stayed in truly beautiful hotels. The moment I joined the Millennium Team, I was given the most desirable training – never have I been admonished for not knowing something, felt punished for being inexperienced, or looked down upon for having questions. Instead, I have only ever been encouraged to learn more, try harder, and embrace these priceless firsthand experiences.


I am surrounded by a fantastic group of people, all of whom are just as, if not more, passionate about our events as I am. I love working in an environment in which I am constantly challenged, supported, and encouraged to keep doing more. I am surrounded by the best in the business, whether their forte is sales, event management, or the ever-important art of client services. Our team has the best combination of industry knowledge, people skills, and determination – I am unceasingly learning more from each member of this company every day.
I have had the firsthand opportunity to see the true effects of these assemblies – we are the best matchmakers out there; we are the proud, meddling mothers of the networking industry.”

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