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10 Mar, 2017

News round-up: Digital Transformation latest

 -New round-up week of March 6th

Starting today, each week we will round-up the biggest news digital news stories of the week for each industry that we cover. First up… Marketing Starbucks looks to gamification to improve its mobile app. Enter Bonus Star Bingo. Starbucks launched their Bingo platform this week, gamifying their mobile app. The game...

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09 Mar, 2017

Virtual Reality is adding a new dimension to retail

 -Virtual Reality in retail

Virtual reality is changing the face of retail by adding a new dimension to a shopper’s experience. Imagine this scenario. You’re planning to buy a birthday present for your Mum. Like every year, you plan on splitting the cost with your sister. You both search online to find the...

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08 Mar, 2017

Happy International Women’s Day

 -International women's day

Happy International Women’s Day! International Women’s Day, formerly known as International Working Women’s Day, is celebrated every March 8th. Dating back to 1909, the movement originated in New York City and was organized by Socialist Party of America. In 2017, the movement is no longer managed by one group...

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08 Mar, 2017

Digital Transformers: Top technology for Consumer-Facing industries

 -Transformers - top technology in consumer-facing industries

While we were working on our “Strategic Guide to Digital Business Transformation” eBook (coming soon!), we noticed that one of the major challenges facing digital disruptors today is choosing amongst the technology that is out there. There are literally hundreds of businesses selling technology to help you through your...

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07 Mar, 2017

Interview with Henry Chao, Retired CIO & CTO, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services – Healthcare Payers Assembly Keynote Speaker

 -Henry Chao Interview

We are thrilled to announce that Henry Chao, Retired CIO & CTO, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services will be joining us at our upcoming Healthcare Payers Assembly as our Keynote Speaker. The current political climate in the US is uncertain. President Trump has spoken often about the need for healthcare...

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07 Mar, 2017

Does Your Brand’s Social Influence Strategy Go Beyond Social Media?

 -Brand's social influence

Does Your Brand’s Social Influence Strategy Go Beyond Social Media? AMEX, BMW, Dove, and Gatorade are among the brands winning big time at social influence–so much so that they crush their category leaving the fierce competition behind. Our latest ebook: “Lessons From the Leaders of Social Influence: Brands that Crush Their Category...

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06 Mar, 2017

Why should you invest in turning your employees into advocates?

 -Employee advocacy

Last week Millennium Alliance celebrated its 3rd birthday with fancy dress days, taco Tuesday, the first ever episode of Millennium Live, interview with Russ Klein from American Marketing Association and a mini-Olympics day at Chelsea Piers. Here are some of the highlights from the week.

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06 Mar, 2017

The Importance of Life-Long Learning: 5 Strategies for the Time Starved Executive

 -Digital retail

As busy executives, we rarely, if ever, take the time to thoughtfully consider how fortunate we are to be living right in the formative years of the digital revolution, a business environment that is at the lower left side of the bell curve in terms of discovery, invention, and...

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03 Mar, 2017

10 predictions – where will digital transformation be by 2020

 -DX Economy 2020

Where will digital transformation be in 2020? Will all companies be digitally transformed? Are brands going to communicate with customer using Artificial Intelligence? Will we work from home and meet colleagues by Virtual Reality? The possibilities are quite literally endless. A slightly cheesy way to put it, but the...

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02 Mar, 2017

Digital Transformers: Top technology in Digital Healthcare

 -Transformers in healthcare

When working on your digital transformation, it’s often necessary to purchase new technology or work with you current provider to adjust your system. There is so much software out there and of course, to do your due diligence takes time. So, we thought we would simplify things a little...

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