With consumer demands evolving at a rapid pace in today’s innovation economy, we have decided to gather a select group of 10-15 top marketing leaders from forward-thinking brands to participate in open-format discussions about the current trends and evolving challenges the industry is facing.

Manhatta | New York, NY


  • Strategically curating like-minded leaders in a relaxed but focused manner
  • Creating an environment conducive for you to establish powerful connections
  • Identifying new opportunities to ensure your brand sustains its competitive advantage

Roundtable Discussions

During the Dinner you will participate in an interactive roundtable discussion of your choosing. Below are the topics:

  • Joyful Collaboration: Creating Powerful Partnerships to Unlock Innovative Solutions
  • Turning Work Into Wonder: How Authenticity Elevates Everything
  • Culture of Innovation: Unlocking The Potential Of Emerging Technologies for Brand Stories

Dinner Format

  • Cocktails & Networking
  • Welcome Address
  • Dinner and Roundtable Discussion
  • Dessert and Closing Remarks
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