We know that a comprehensive AppSec program is critical for a successful business. With cloud-based applications expanding and AI-generated code offering both opportunities and risks, CISOs must navigate a drastically changed threat landscape. So, how can CISOs effectively manage their AppSec initiatives to ensure comprehensive security across the SDLC, despite the expanding complexities? 

In this session, we’ll discuss the value of: 

  • • Streamlining developer workflows with integrated security tools to boost developer experience
  • • Consolidating tools to simplify operations and tackle tool sprawl     
  • • Utilizing AI to enhance security and increase productivity across teams
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  • Strategically curating like-minded leaders in a relaxed but focused manner
  • Creating an environment conducive for you to establish powerful connections
  • Identifying new opportunities to ensure your brand sustains its competitive advantage

Roundtable Discussions

During the Dinner you will participate in an interactive roundtable discussion of your choosing. Below are the topics:

  • A recent article talking about the battle between CISOs and developers over security priorities stated “69% of CISOs and 64% of developers agree that lack of communication and collaboration between developers and security teams is a problem. Would you agree with this finding and what practices have you found to be successful in getting development teams to buy into supporting your AppSec program? Are there any practices you would encourage others to NOT do?
  • Many companies are evaluating the various technologies they use today and looking for ways to consolidate their tooling portfolio. Have your AppSec teams found it challenging to find common ground with your internal customers as these reviews are going on? How have you been trying to address these problems?
  • Few people think AI is just a passing fad. What specific steps are you taking to help protect your organization as developers find benefit from using AI code generation tools? In a similar way, has your AppSec team noticed a difference in their workload that they think is tied to AI use?

Dinner Format

  • Cocktails & Networking
  • Welcome Address
  • Dinner and Roundtable Discussion
  • Dessert and Closing Remarks
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About Checkmarx

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