Recapping the Digital Healthcare and Patient Experience Virtual Assembly

Contributed by Katie Perry and Elizabeth Radziul

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, we are committed to bringing together the best in digital healthcare and patient experience for networking & problem-solving in the midst of ongoing disruption. This week, we hosted our Digital Healthcare and Patient Experience Transformation Virtual Assembly to do just that. Missed out on this assembly? Not to worry! Read our Assembly Recap below for the full scoop on what happened. 

A Compelling Keynote from the Year 2030

Dr. Stephen Klasko, President & CEO of Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health, started off day one of the Assembly with a keynote on the Pandemic of 2030. Dr. Klasko painted a picture of an almost utopian scenario for the next pandemic; one in which the world is prepared to overcome all of the challenges faced in 2020 and 2021. But is this scenario too good to be true? Not with the knowledge, data, and technology we are now equipped with as a result of the past year and a half. Here’s what we learned:

  • Many challenges were a result of the healthcare industry’s escape of the consumer evolution, failure to address social determinants, and lack of telehealth preparedness
  • We’re moving from the Internet of Things to the Internet of You: data will be continuous and owned by the consumer
  • Payers and providers will fortify their relationships for better outcomes

Dr. Klasko explains how the COVID-19 crisis was the push the industry needed to reform itself. Speaking from the perspective of a hypothetical 2030 pandemic, he reflects:

“In some respects, more lives were saved over the past 10 years because of the pandemic of 2020-2022. It was the jolt and lightning rod for American healthcare to have an extreme makeover, and for the sick system to finally get well.”

Digital Transformation Talk with our C-Suite Keynote Panel

We kicked off Day 2 of the assembly with an Opening Keynote Panel led by Michelle Hood, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at American Hospital Association. Panelists included Chris Waugh from Sutter Health, Katie Logan from Piedmont Healthcare, Kevan Mabbutt from Intermountain Healthcare, and Scott Nordlund from Banner Health. The discussion centered around digital transformation, and how it’s reshaping the future of leadership. Panelists provided insight into digitizing both clinical and business workflows and the new skillsets the workforce needs to learn in order to enable innovation. All four executives noted how COVID-19 both interrupted and accelerated their transformation. The conversation closed out with some advice on how to optimize digital technologies in the field. Panelists agreed that Digital Transformation is more than the right tools – it requires vision, integrating humanity into technology, and initiating positive organizational changes. 

Insights from our Healthcare C-Suite

Natalia Cineas, Chief Nurse Executive and Senior Vice President of New York City Health & Hospitals, discussed social determinants in healthcare across the country, and New York City in particular. She noted that many disparities are due to existing policies, leaving health systems to address the issues. Many have created new inclusion, diversity and equity goals as a first step in ensuring healthcare equality for all. Participants discussed some of the ways their organizations work to achieve better outcomes for minority groups. As Natalia says:

“This is not an easy topic to discuss, but one that needs to be discussed”. 

Dr. Nick Colovos, Medical Director and Chief Experience & Quality Officer at BayCare Medical Group, discussed the emotions physicians are currently experiencing post COVID-19. 2020 was a difficult year, and 2021 still presents challenges, especially for those in the healthcare industry. However, Dr. Colovos strongly believes that burnout can be prevented. He uses predictive analytics to analyze employees and determine who is at risk in the organization. He also notes that surveys and focus groups are two ways organizations can learn how to help employees by gaining a better understanding of their experiences.

Scott Weber, Chief Marketing & Design Officer, Fairview Health Services led a workshop discussion on Fairview’s approach to leaving legacy marketing behind. Scott led his team in shutting down legacy marketing operations and building a digital studio. This involved bringing functionality and ease to their website, building apps, and streamlining virtual care. His advice is to take a bi-modal approach: simultaneously thinking short and long term.

Pierre Vigilance, Millennium Alliance Advisory Board Member and Founding Principal at HealthUp, hosted an Executive Education Roundtable on engagement’s role in population health. Participants discussed identifying who is included in the “community”: physicians, patients, payers, vendors, etc. They also addressed COVID-19 and its effect on digital engagement. 

Agnes Therady, Senior Vice President, System Chief Nursing Officer, Franciscan Health, closed out the assembly with a discussion on improving patient safety. She notes that patient safety is a prerequisite to patient experience, so improving the prevention, reduction, and reporting of patient harm is essential for optimizing patient care. Participants shared some best practices they have implemented to decrease avoidable harm within their organizations. 

We were proud to present our Digital Healthcare and Patient Experience Innovator of the Year Awards to Neil Gomes and Jean Putnam. Neil Gomes, winner of the Digital Healthcare Innovator of the Year Award, is the System SVP for Digital and Human Experience at CommonSpirit Health. The Patient Experience Innovator of the Year Award went to Jean Putnam, Executive Vice President and Network Chief Nursing Officer at Community Health System. Our Advisory Board Member, Samir Batra, sat down with the winners for a conversation on their experience on the COVID-19 front line, transitioning to telehealth, enhancing human connection in healthcare, and more. Congratulations to our winners!

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Until Next Time…

Don’t miss out on the next Digital Healthcare & Patient Experience Assembly! Join us on December 7th. Go here to request an invite.

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