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  • on September 27, 2021

Last week, data and technology’s leading CIOs, academics, and thought leaders came together for our Digital Enterprise CIO & Data Transformation Assembly to discuss digital transformation and the future of IT. In case you were unable to join us, check out our event highlights below!

Opening Keynote Address

Day one kicked off with an opening keynote featuring James Rinaldi, Chief Information Technology Advisor at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, on the future of IT. Rinaldi shared with us the capabilities that JPL is known for – such as their ingenuity and launching rockets to Mars. They are planning to visit Europa, the icy moon of Jupiter, hoping to develop technology that can go through the crust of the moon and see a view of the substances it contains. The mission behind what JPL is doing, and a core principle Rinaldi stands behind is: we have to build the technology in order get the data we desire. He moved on to discuss the future of IT and what it means. As we approach a “post-digital transformation era”, he projects that new organizational models will be needed, job roles & functions will evolve, and natural language processing will change communication forever. Technology is already advancing this year, with blockchains being used for inventories, intelligent RPAs increasing in demand, and quantum computing influencing our networking and cybersecurity. Hybrid and remote work models are changing the way leaders manage and train their teams, and with that in mind, he closes with two critical questions for the audience: How do you inspire the workforce? How do you lead?

Workshop Discussions

On Digital Transformation with AI: “AI isn’t easy” says Mayur Shintre, Principal Architect at Google Cloud. Identifying the right solutions to your business problems is a challenge. The scarcity of machine learning expertise, and the issue of scattered and “difficult to use” data exacerbates the problem. 

In order to be successful in a digital transformation with AI Mayur recommends a few tips:

  • Hire academics for machine learning roles as the explainability for ML models is deeply mathematical
  • It’s best to adopt a platform that gives you building blocks, instead of building it from the ground up
  • Implement the fair framework: Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable
  • Be aware of the bias that can creep into AI models, the data part of AI model development is key

Next-Gen UX: Jason Gislason, CDO at Chevron Phillips Chemical shares insight on overcoming challenges to gain a competitive advantage. Jason starts his session by defining digital transformation – it demands revolutionary changes to key organizational components that will allow for the creation of new value streams. He adds that digitizing existing functions and processes is not enough to truly transform a company. He provides some tips on how to build a digital-ready culture to promote deep change in the organization:

  • Speed & agility: move fast and iterate, rather than waiting to have all the answers
  • Innovation: maximize impact through constant innovation
  • Collaboration: collaborate across functions to create synergy
  • Autonomy: allow your team high levels of discretion to do what needs to be done

He closes out the session with an important question to think about, “If your performance metrics remain the same before and after the so-called transformation, have you truly transformed?”

Digital Transformation: Widely Discussed but Poorly Understood: Derek Peterson, CTO at Boingo Wireless discusses the importance of optimizing and personalizing data to create value in a digital transformation. Connectivity is even more important today, as COVID-19 has accelerated digital strategies across all industries. He discusses the technology strategic vision follows the S.M.A.R.T model:

Secure Multi-platform Analytics-driven Responsive Tiered

It’s all about creating connective touch points for the consumer along their journey by using technology to build those experiences for the consumer.

Digital Enterprise & Data Keynote Fireside Chat

“2021’s New Normal: Adapting in the Face of Evolving Workforce Conditions”

Phil Fasano, CEO of Bay Advisors, and Monica Khurana, CTO at Dodge & Cox kick off a fireside chat on ransomware from a technology leader’s perspective. They shared their experiences and insights on ransomware, incident response plans, and zero trust.

Some key takeaways:

  • Implement table-top excercises and get comfortable with crisis management to prepare for a ransomware attack
  • Think about potential points of entry into your company, even on your personal devices
  • Practice, practice, practice – it enables you to work through the stress of an attack
  • Adopt the mentality that it’s not if you get attack, but when you will
  • Formulate an IT risk management committee, because accountability and transparency is critical to your shareholders 
  • Have all your controls and protections in place, and track your digital footprints
  • Network segmentation and building zero trust is important as we live in a very high connected ecosystem

Data Governance – Embedded, Invisible, and Agile! Santosh Kudva, CDO at GE Gas Power uncovers the importance of data governance. Data governance allows teams to efficiently and effectively deliver outcomes, and keeps your organization safe. Kudva adds that governance isn’t a bureaucracy, but it is invisible. Your framework has to be comprehensive and integrated to become a Business Innovation Enabler. The IT objectives in data governance are cybersecurity, access governance, data lifecycle management, change management, portfolio management, cloud ops governance, data loss prevention, financial management, design governance, and regulatory governance. Kudva closes his session with this bit of advice: the concept of data governance is a perfect balance between being invisible and agile.

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Until Next Time…

Don’t miss out on the next Digital Enterprise CIO Transformation Assembly. Go here to request an invite for the November 17-18 Assembly!

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