#MillenniumLive on Sports, Success, and Service with Barry Klarberg

#MillenniumLive welcomes Barry Klarberg, accomplished business leader, Senior Managing Director of MAI Capital Management LLC, and founder of Monarch Business & Wealth Management. Throughout his career, Barry has represented numerous household names in sports, entertainment, and other high-net-value individuals. Barry chats with Millennium’s Alex Sobol to walk us through his career journey, from growing up in Rockaway, Queens and starting college at age 15 to the life lessons that have shaped him into the successful and charismatic businessman he is today.

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About Barry Klarberg

Barry Klarberg is a Senior Managing Director of MAI Capital Management LLC, as well as an accomplished owner, business leader, and philanthropist. Klarberg has managed several prominent individuals including musician Justin Timberlake, entrepreneur and TV personality Bethenny Frankel, entrepreneur Russell Simmons, DJ and record producer Kaskade, NASCAR champion Kyle Busch, professional tennis player/model Anna Kournikova, NBA All-Star Kyle Lowry, MLB All-Star, and Homerun Champion José Bautista, NBA analyst and entrepreneur Jay Williams, MLS All-Star and Captain of the United States men’s national soccer team Michael Bradley, and NHL Hall-of-Famer Mark Messier.

Klarberg holds both his BBA and MS in Taxation from Pace University, where he also served as an Adjunct Professor of Taxation from 1985 to 1989. His professional career started with the professional service firm Deloitte in 1981– eventually holding Deloitte’s National Director of Sports and Entertainment title.

In 1992, Klarberg formed KRT Business Management, a professional wealth management service that was eventually sold to Assante Wealth Management Services. From there, Klarberg followed his KRT venture with a role as Guggenheim Partners Senior Managing Director.

Then, Klarberg went on to found Monarch Business & Wealth Management, a financial and life management company. At Monarch, Klarberg represented numerous household names in sports, entertainment, and other high-net-value individuals.

In 2011, Klarberg furthered his credentials by becoming a Limited Partner in the New York Yankees and Yankees Entertainment & Sports Network. Today, he has ownership in two American sports teams:

  • New York Yankees
  • New York City FC (2013)

Klarberg is an active philanthropist out of the boardroom. His active endeavors include:

  •  The National Meningitis Association
  • The USO
  • Homeland Security’s Federal Enforcement Foundation.

For their service, Klarberg and two of his sons received the highest honor awarded by the state of Kentucky, the Kentucky Colonel, in 2012. Additionally, Klarberg’s recent involvement with Pace University includes serving as one of The School of Businesses’ “Lecturer in Residence,” delivering a commencement speech for 2015 graduates, and receiving an honorary doctorate from the university.

To learn more about Barry, visit his profile on LinkedIn or BarryKlarberg.com.

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