Innovator of the Year, Minsok Pak, Keynotes our CMO & Retail Assembly!

  • By Emily French
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  • on October 14, 2021

In our final Transformational CMO & Retail Assembly of the year, we are honored to be joined by our Keynote Speaker & 2021 Innovator of the Year Winner, Minsok Pak, EVP, Chief Strategy & Transformation Officer at Mondelēz International. 

As our Innovator of the Year, Pak has demonstrated a background of digitally transforming organizations and creating superior omnichannel experiences over the years – from his time at Target, Lego Group, and McKinsey & Company. His innovation and leadership during the past year is what made him stand out among the hundreds of executives that qualified for this award. In what has been one of the most tumultuous years for business leaders, Pak and his team have focused on growing Mondelēz International’s e-Commerce and direct-to-consumer businesses, and focused on strategic growth opportunities. With 2020 net revenues of nearly $27 billion, Mondelēz International ranked 108 on the 2021 Fortune 500 list.  

On November 17th, Minsok Pak’s keynote address will tackle the topics of snacking trends during the COVID-19 pandemic, the immense growth in e-Commerce, as well as the importance of innovation. The keynote will finish with an open Q/A segment for our registered attendees. Interested in learning from one of the most influential voices in the industry? Go here to request an invite! 

About Minsok Pak

Minsok is Executive Vice President, Chief Strategy & Transformation Officer for Mondelēz  International, a global company leading the future of snacking with 2020 net revenues of approximately $27 billion. In this role, he oversees a number of strategic growth areas critical to  company growth and industry leadership, including Enterprise Strategy, M&A and strategic  growth opportunities, new business, and e-Commerce and direct-to-consumer.  

Prior to joining the company, Minsok was Executive Vice President, Chief Strategy & Innovation  Officer at Target in the United States where he helped lead the development and  implementation of a highly successful growth strategy. He had oversight of Strategy & Planning, Insights, M&A/Business Development, and Innovation, all supporting the company’s drive for  omnichannel transformation. 

Minsok previously served as Senior Vice President for LEGO Group, where he led branded  omnichannel retail including e-Commerce in more than 20 markets. Minsok spent close to 20  years with McKinsey & Company where he was a Senior Partner holding a range of roles in the  US, Korea and Singapore, including Head of Asia-Pacific Sales & Marketing and other leadership  positions in Asia Consumer & Retail and North American Supply Chain practices. He also spent a  number of years as managing director of a private equity firm leading investments in packaged  goods and mobile technology, as well as working internally for McKinsey & Company, helping lead the digital transformation for the firm. 

Minsok holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Oberlin College and earned an MBA from  Stanford University. Minsok is passionate about music and multisport, serving as a member of  the Minnesota Orchestral Association Board and having completed 23 Ironman triathlons,  including four times at the World Championships in Hawaii. He also serves on the Board of  Trustees for Oberlin College.  

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