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  • on April 22, 2021

Contributed by Delphix

Being a data-driven company in today’s hyper-competitive world is hard. Not everyone does it well, and the stories of those who do it well aren’t always celebrated or given the credit they deserve. That is, until now. 

Data Company Magazine was founded on the principle that every company is a data company. We are passionate about the nitty-gritty of data-driven innovation, and we’re thrilled to celebrate the stories of business leaders and companies that are leveraging data strategically and effectively to transform their teams, products, companies, and industries. 

In the second issue, you’ll read about how Trifecta Clinical, the industry leader in process automation for clinical trial training and communication, supports COVID-19 trials at more than 1,100 hospitals and research sites in 24 countries using fast, compliant data.

We went behind the scenes of Ultimate Kronos Group’s data-driven innovation and its critical role in helping the world get back to work safely. Technology leaders at Choice Hotels International share their cloud transformation journey to elevate and safeguard the travel experience during the pandemic. We also feature exclusive interviews with Geert Goethals, CIO of Belgium’s largest telecom company Proximus, and Echo Szeto, executive director of data engineering at Morgan Stanley. 

Data Company Magazine is the only publication of its kind focused squarely on the growing influence of data as it shapes—and reshapes—the world around us. We believe these stories combined with industry insights will inspire others to build a roadmap for driving an effective data strategy that helps businesses win a world where every company is a data company.

Get your digital copy of Data Company Magazine to learn more.

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