Creating an Employee-Centered Experience: Strategies for an Engaging Digital Workplace


The work environment has undergone a major facelift in recent years, with the way we communicate, the way we work and where we work from all seeing dramatic shifts. These paradigm changes are putting extra pressure on organizations to meet the growing demands of its staff, who want an end-to-end work experience that’s seamless, intuitive and mirrors the way they run their personal lives. Technology is, of course, being called upon to bear the biggest part of the workload with these changes – but the results so far have been mixed. As different departments have embarked upon their own independent overhaul of solutions and processes, with systems selected based on specific department or line of business priorities, it’s led to disconnected workflows and requirements that don’t take employee needs into consideration. As a result, employees often feel overloaded with competing technologies, which creates a negative workplace experience. Employee engagement and retention rates are being affected, productivity is suffering and even revenue is being impacted – all despite the well-intentioned quest to improve the employee experience.

So, what’s holding businesses back?

How do you create a digital workplace strategy that puts employees at the center and allows for a seamless and modern experience? And how do you empower them to focus on the meaningful work that’s the cornerstone of a truly engaging employee experience? We talked with 18 IT and HR leaders about these very issues.
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