Cardlytics State of Spend Report


With insight into 50% of US transactions, Cardlytics is committed to helping marketers understand and respond to current trends that are impacting their industries. We put these purchase insights into action every day through precisely targeted campaigns that drive measurable sales. This report highlights important shifts in consumer spend and tracks early signs of recovery. To isolate the impact of COVID-19, we’re evaluating recent changes in spend compared to the year before. 

Overall spend is beginning to trend in the right direction
Across all industries, US consumer spend is trending slightly up from a low point of –34.3% YOY in late March

National restaurant chain times their return
Marketers looking to drive near-term sales first need to understand when and where spend is coming back. In these sensitive times, purchase insights can be a critical gauge to ensure they’re reaching people who are ready to resume spending. 
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