Our Partners at Ascom Americas Recognized For Consultative Approach To Clinical Workflow Solutions

  • By Natalia Nordquist
  • in
  • on August 24, 2023

Contributed by Ascom

What makes a company a leader in healthcare consulting? Our partners at Ascom Americas have the answer with a fully customizable suite of clinical workflow solutions combined with end-to-end consulting services. Recently, Healthcare Business Review named Ascom Americas as one of the top healthcare consulting companies for 2023. This marks the second year Ascom Americas has received this recognition. The April edition of the publication includes how technology, like the Ascom Healthcare Platform, helps hospitals in North America design workflow solutions to solve some of the most pressing and difficult challenges in healthcare right now, including staff burnout, patient satisfaction and improved patient outcomes. The award honors Ascom Americas for its combination of innovative workflow solution technologies and its end-to-end services, including clinical and technical consulting.

“We are manufacturer-agnostic. The primary aim of our consultative service is to drive higher operational efficiency by integrating different devices, whether pumps or ventilators, ensuring the alarms from those devices are reaching the correct staff,” said Robert Wittwer, Senior Vice President, Professional Services, Ascom Americas. “We help clients navigate business-critical decisions regarding adding or repurposing existing technical capabilities to enable a better workflow that matches their environments and needs.”

Learn more about how improving workflows can lead to better outcomes in the Healthcare Business Review magazine.

About Ascom

Ascom is North America‘s leading healthcare Information and Communication Technology (ICT) provider, delivering integrated workflow intelligence via services and applications that connect and mobilize healthcare professionals to improve patient safety and satisfaction. Our research and development yield a broad range of innovative technologies for call systems, medical device integration, and wireless and professional messaging solutions designed to optimize mission-critical processes and boost clinician productivity.

Based in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, Ascom North America is part of Ascom Wireless Solutions, a division of the Switzerland-based Ascom Group AG.

To learn more, visit ascom.us.

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