Jose Arrieta Keynotes Our Digital Enterprise and Data Transformation Assembly!

Our Digital Enterprise and Data Transformation Virtual Assembly in November will feature Jose Arrieta, Former Chief Information Officer and Chief Data Officer at HHS as our keynote speaker! In his last three years at HHS, he oversaw $6.3B in IT investments, $800B in grants, and $26B in Federal contracts while providing cybersecurity solutions for 174,000 people. Jose is a respected leader in applying emerging technologies including blockchain, artificial intelligence/machine learning, and data visualization/ process automation tools. The pandemic caused a lot of turbulence throughout the world and Jose led the creation and implementation of the largest public health surveillance capability in the United States during the pandemic and the first enterprise-grade supervised machine learning capability to help more accurately distribute testing supplies and predict hot spots across the United States.

In his Keynote Address on November 17th, Arrieta will share insights, lessons learned, and failures associated with implementing emerging technologies in a large complex organization during a global pandemic. He will outline how he thinks about valuing disruptive technology companies. He will also touch on blockchain-based solutions, quantum-inspired optimization capabilities, and the opportunities and challenges associated with the internet of things and cloud modernization. He will discuss how he thinks management and leadership will change as organizations become more distributed and virtual. The session will close out with an open Q/A segment for all registered attendees. Interested in joining this session? Go here to request an invite to the Assembly. 

About Jose Arrieta 

In his role as the former Chief Information Officer and Chief Data Officer of HHS, Arrieta admits that failing and pivoting was ultimately the key to the successes he and his team had. His office successfully defended the HHS network against multiple large-scale nation-state cyber-attacks. He led an effort to create a public-private key, distributed ledger infrastructure to establish digital identities for individuals across the United States that was never adopted as a solution. He built and led the implementation of the first blockchain-based solution for lowering licensing costs and decreasing the time of the procurement process in the Federal Government that saved over $100M dollars. Jose currently works with Federal customers evaluating and valuing venture-backed technology start-ups. He is also working with commercial customers bringing IoT solutions to supply chain and manufacturing processes in the energy and agricultural sectors. He currently sits on a few boards and advises technology startups and he recently launched a new IoT start-up focused on securing distributed solutions.  To stay sharp, he created and teaches the first blockchain and cryptocurrency course at Johns Hopkins University as well as entrepreneurial finance. Jose currently lives in San Diego.

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