How Collaboration Technology is Healing Healthcare

As each year goes by, hospitals and healthcare systems recognize more and more the need for sufficient collaboration support and are starting to take action to make improvements to their systems. Collaboration is the most important fundamental to delivering quality care, and achieving collaboration are one of the greatest opportunities to improve the healthcare sector. According to The American Hospital Association, Seven in 10 hospitals and health systems will increase collaboration with other providers and payers on population health over the next five years.  The global clinical communication and collaboration market will register a 17.3% compound annual growth between now and 2027 as it grows to more than $5 billion globally, projections by Reports and Data.

For effective collaboration between healthcare workers, hospitals and practices should invest in communication technology that keeps the team connected and makes patient information easily accessible. With digitization, providers can deliver highly personalized care.

Digitization Trends in Healthcare Collaboration

  • IoT and wearable devices: A combination of high-end hardware, mobile applications, and predictive analytics that has been changing the way healthcare professionals diagnose patients, manage diseases, and deliver care. 
  • Telemedicine: People have access to accurate diagnoses without visiting a healthcare facility
  • Cloud Technology: Are interconnected and have access to digitally secure and safe information. 
  • Big Data: Can identify meaningful data and use it for predictive analysis, leading to better diagnosis and prevention.

How to Conduct Healthcare Collaboration 

  • Define Your Collaboration Approach: Share an established means of communication between your team, your patient, and their family to ensure all aspects of patient care are met.
  • Delegate Team Member Roles: Understanding the roles and responsibilities of each team member in different professions is pivotal for effective communication.
  • Assign Tasks & Responsibilities: Focus on addressing the patient’s needs, meeting patient care goals as well as understanding each team member’s tasks and responsibilities.
  • Practice Collaboration: Practice offers learning and improvement opportunities and working together can help prevent diversity and conflict. Education and practice of collaboration are essential for growth.

Today, Clinical collaboration is vital because it helps with healthcare automation processes such as patient management and faster delivery of care. Collaboration is also crucial for improved patient care. With greater team collaboration, comes greater patient-centered care and health outcomes. By reducing workflow and inefficiencies in operations through collaboration, healthcare organizations can save money. Not only does clinical collaboration offer great solutions but it creates a sense of community between healthcare providers at the end only increasing recruitment, retention and satisfaction. With digital enhancements, clinical collaboration is continuing to grow and become better. Investments in collaboration technology can aid healthcare organizations for better communication between providers and patients  only to provide the impact of positive care delivery and service 

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