Anchal Gupta, SVP- Chief Technology Officer at American Airlines Keynotes Our Digital Enterprise CIO Transformation Assembly on March 5-6th in Atlanta!

22 Jan - 2024
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The Millennium Alliance is excited to announce Anchal Gupta, SVP, Chief Technology Officer at American Airlines will keynote our Digital Enterprise CIO Transformation Assembly at The Whitley in Atlanta Buckhead on March 5-6, 2024

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About Anchal Gupta

Anchal is a visionary leader with a remarkable track record of achievements. She has successfully managed platforms processing an astonishing $2.2 quadrillion of securities in a year, showcasing expertise in highly resilient applications and networks.

Anchal’s strategic initiatives have resulted in double-digit revenue growth, driven automation and efficiencies, and led to the launch of multiple industry-influencing solutions. Anchal’s commitment to optimizing customer communication across 90+ products has yielded substantial cost savings of over $20 million annually, coupled with a significant enhancement in customer experience.

She has played a pivotal role in achieving market share and Net Promoter Score (NPS) improvements, overseeing financial management exceeding a billion dollars. Her leadership extends to enterprise data management, consolidation, and transformation, as well as driving cloud adoption, Agile delivery, integrated IT risk management, event-driven architectures, and the implementation of APIs & Microservices.

Known for her expertise in AI, Robotics, and predictive analytics-driven customer solutions, Anchal thrives on solving complex problems with a digital-first mindset. Her influence is felt in collaborating and updating stakeholders, senior executives, and regulators. In operations management, partner relationships, and contract negotiations, Anchal consistently fosters a culture of innovation that challenges the status quo, positioning herself as a dynamic change agent.

Anchal’s leadership philosophy is grounded in empowering others to succeed, actively developing talent, and building a strong follower-ship, making her an invaluable asset to American Airlines.

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