The Millennium Alliance and BoardSuited Team Up to Increase Board of Director Candidate Diversity and Pipeline

14 Jun - 2019
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The Millennium Alliance and BoardSuitedTM Team Up to Increase Board of Director Candidate Diversity and Pipeline

New York, NY, June 14, 2019 — The Millennium Alliance, a leading technology, business, and educational advisory firm has formed a strategic alliance with BoardSuitedTM, a new and innovative executive education company, designed to prepare senior executives for board candidacy and service.  Together, they are committed to making an impact on both increasing the pool of candidates for board service, as well as the diversity of gender, race, age, and professional skills.

The Millennium Alliance is a leading technology and business educational advisory organization in North America. Focusing primarily in areas such as business transformation, executive education, growth, policy, and needs analysis, Millennium has become one of the most dynamic locations for collaboration across the world.

“The Millennium Alliance is really excited to be partnering with not just BoardSuited, but more so Joyce Brocaglia, specifically, as she has been a staple and leading voice in the tech world for many years,” said Alex Sobol, Millennium Alliance Co-Founder & Managing Partner. “The BoardSuited offering fits in nicely with the type of opportunities we provide our members and clients, and we are really looking forward to seeing how they will benefit from such an important part of their executive development.”

BoardSuited was created to fill a void in the executive education space, where many programs exist for current board directors, but very few prepare executives seeking their first board appointment.  The program teaches executives how to accelerate their readiness and maximize their credibility to get the attention of nominating and governance committees—all through a self-paced, convenient online learning environment.

BoardSuited was created to demystify the path to the boardroom by helping executives create a personalized road map,” said Brocaglia.  “The path to the boardroom is often a road less traveled—one that requires assessing skills and identifying gaps early on so that executives can course correct and gain the qualifications necessary for board service.”

BoardSuited arms executives with a deep understanding of board service—from understanding roles and responsibilities and the significance of ownership structure to learning to work with and evaluate the CEO.  The course draws on insights from a cadre of seated board directors from some of the largest companies in the world representing public, private, advisory and nonprofit boards.

“Given that digital transformation, cybersecurity and diversity are all board level imperatives, we believe that our timing could not be better,” said Brocaglia. “Teaming up with the Millennium Alliance gives us an opportunity to impact the pace at which we increase the size and diversity of the board candidate pipeline—which is not only central to our mission but one we share.”

The Millennium Alliance is proud to partner with BoardSuited to add new opportunities for executive education to its members, clients, and partners as they continue to develop their careers and impact in the business community.

About The Millennium Alliance
Headquartered in Midtown Manhattan, The Millennium Alliance is a leading technology, business, and educational advisory firm. Focusing primarily in areas such as business transformation, executive education, growth, policy, and need analysis, Millennium is quickly becoming one of the most dynamic locations for collaboration across the world.

We provide a framework for Fortune 1000 C-Level executives, leading public sector/government officials, and thought leaders across a variety of disciplines, to meet their peers, understand industry developments, and receive an introduction to new technology and service advancements to help grow their career and overall company value. With a constant thirst for a conversation that has real value, it is our duty to provide a platform for all leaders to further develop in an ecosystem of innovation and knowledge so all parties can continue to shape the real purpose of business: to make things efficient and worthwhile.  For more information visit

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About BoardSuitedTM
BoardSuitedTM is an innovative executive training company, designed to prepare senior executives for public, private, advisory, and nonprofit board candidacy and service. It was founded in 2019 by Joyce Brocaglia, CEO of both Alta Associates, an executive search firm, and the Executive Woman’s Forum on Information Security, Risk Management & Privacy (EWF), a membership organization. BoardSuitedTM offers executives the comprehensive preparation they need to obtain their first board seat with the convenience of a self-paced, online learning environment.  Bringing together a cadre of highly respected current board directors and a robust curriculum, BoardSuitedTM delivers invaluable insights, while providing learners with a personal roadmap to the boardroom. For more information visit

Greg Dicso
VP, Marketing, The Millennium Alliance

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