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Advisory Board Members

“The Millennium Alliance is at the core of what Bell + IVY hopes to achieve - putting the right people in the right room to make great things happen.”

Cynthia Johnson



Digital Enterprise CIO Transformation Assemblies

“What particularly struck me about the Digital Enterprise Transformation Assembly was the granularity and depth of the conversations - diving into specific technologies, where enterprises are at in their adoption cycles - the caliber of attendees I got to meet here is unprecedented to be quite honest. ”

Jordan McKee


Research Director

Transformational CMO Assemblies

“Two reasons for showing up at the Transformational CMO - one is the content and two is the people. The content is very engaging and more importantly the people, the connections, the networking - the program The Millennium Alliance puts together is really interesting. ”

Evan Greene

The Grammys


Retail Transformation Assemblies

“ The people here are the top CMOs from all the top retailers in the country. Awesome networking experience, you get to learn what’s happening across all of the retailers at once.”

Andrew Glaser

American Signature Furniture

Chief Strategy Officer

Financial Services Transformation Assemblies

“From a delegate perspective, this event is great. Other conferences have very large population sets, while here you actually get to share ideas in an intimate setting. We get precision on the solution providers, who we meet with and why, for problems we’re trying to solve at our companies”

Jig Patel

Wells Fargo


Healthcare Transformation Assemblies

“Meeting with Chief Medical Officers and population health executives is very important to our business, and The Millennium Alliance does a great job of bringing together senior executives that are interested in what we’re doing. We love the meeting setup and the matchups Millennium is able to make.”

Amer Haider



Transformational CISO Assemblies

“The Millennium Alliance team is great to work with and really helpful with all the logistics involved. Since they do so much of the work, I find I have to do very little other than show up.”

Vince Campitelli

Cloud Security Alliance

Enterprise Security Specialist