Lauren Heyndrickx

2 Mar - 2019

IT Security executive and business professional, but foremost a people leader. Over 20 years of experience in IT Security, managing global IT Development and Operational teams. I started my career as a software developer, and was primarily interested in the Security aspects of it. In 2000, I made the move to a Security startup, and have been in Security ever since. Over the years, I had the opportunity to work in several parts of large Security Organizations, and have gained extensive experience in IT Security Development, Cyber Intelligence, Security Monitoring Operations and Compliance. My expertise includes Big data, Cloud computing, Agile development processes, as well as crafting the most effective distributed technical organizations; Security being the common thread. My teams know me as a highly perseverant problem solver, who can always be trusted to come up with new ideas to move forward. Colleagues see me as subject matter expert, and appreciate my ability to explain technical concepts into business language. I spend a lot of time understanding business needs to ensure IT/Security efforts align with and are driven by business value. In a nutshell, my passion for IT Security is coupled with a determination for execution and results. I’m the technical leader who loves working with Security professionals and Technology experts to find ways to benefit the business. This is what I do best and love most.

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