John Melnick

2 Mar - 2019

I am the Chief Information Security and Compliance Officer for ArcelorMittal Steel Americas’, with responsibilities across Canada, United States, Mexico, Caribbean, Brazil and Argentina. In this role I am responsible for the strategic vision and direction of the security and compliance functions, ensuring that the company is focusing on the necessary threats and risks while maintaining the requisite levels of Sox and other regulatory compliance. My very skilled and efficient teams have been able to demonstrate a high level of achievement in regards to Security and Compliance. In addition to developing the Corporate IT Sox Program and Vulnerability Scanning processes, I have also been instrumental in developing various security awareness training campaigns, data classification initiatives, and security baselines and corporate policies. I am currently beginning the rollout of the NIST CyberSecurity program across the region. Prior to joining ArcelorMittal, I was the IT Audit Manager for the International Steel Group (ISG) based out of Cleveland, Ohio. ISG was a startup company and I was brought in to build the audit and security function. During my tenure, my biggest accomplishment was developing the Corporate IT Sox Compliance program The most enjoyable part of my current and former positions has been the ability to move into roles that never existed and start things from the ground floor with no roadmap or guidance. Through these experiences I had to find my own way and rely on my instincts, while demonstrating value that had never existed. Please feel free to contact me since it is difficult to stay in touch with friends, colleagues who have moved on, mentors who have retired or interesting connections that I have made along the way. Specialties: CyberSecurity, Information Security, IT Compliance, SOX, Vulnerability, Consulting, Risk, Audit, Policy, Data Classification, Awareness, Threat, Security Operations, Pen Testing, NIST, ISO, CobIT

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