Dealing with the ever-evolving magma of complex custom applications, the brains of your business, with limited visibility into their insides, and lack of facts, is no longer an option. Join a select group of 10-15 top Fortune 500 executives for an open discussion on reigning the chaos of sprawling portfolios.

Manhatta | New York, NY


  • Strategically curating like-minded leaders in a relaxed but focused manner
  • Creating an environment conducive for you to establish powerful connections
  • Identifying new opportunities to ensure your brand sustains its competitive advantage

Roundtable Discussions

During the Dinner you will participate in an interactive roundtable discussion of your choosing. Below are the topics:

  • How to move applications to cloud faster or get the most out of cloud post migration
  • Where to start eradicating technical debt with the biggest bang for the buck
  • How to avoid surprises from open source legal, IP, and security exposures hiding in your portfolio

Dinner Format

  • Cocktails & Networking
  • Welcome Address
  • Dinner and Roundtable Discussion
  • Dessert and Closing Remarks
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About CAST

CAST, the software intelligence leader, provides software that ‘understands’ multi-technology software systems and automatically derives insights about their inner workings – interactions between all its elements, transaction flows, data access paths, changes needed to move to cloud, open-source risks, green impact, ISO 5055 compliance, etc. It is used globally by thousands of digital leaders, helping them make smarter decisions, maintain and transform custom software with greater speed, and exert better ongoing control of the risks involved. Visit www.castsoftware.com.