1.Our Commitment to You
– Millennium Alliance LLC will arrange a mutually agreed upon itinerary. Please note that schedules may be altered where necessary. Millennium Alliance LLC will work to develop the best possible itinerary for you based on your commitments to us. Millennium Alliance LLC staff will work with you so that you shall have ample preparation for all discussion points and prompt notice of any last minute changes.
– You may request appointments with particular companies and individuals, and Millennium Alliance LLC will endeavor to schedule those meetings without guaranteeing them. We reserve the right to determine the theme, scope and content of meetings, workshops and speeches to be held during the assembly and to vary the program and/or its content as deemed necessary.
– Should the event be cancelled for reasons or circumstances beyond Millennium Alliances LLC control, Millennium Alliance hereby reserves the right to reschedule the assembly upon written notice to you. Every effort must be made to attend rescheduled dates, if you are unable to attend for whatever reason written notice must be provided within 48h of rescheduled notice.
2.VIP Attendee Commitment
– You agree to participate in meetings as outlined in the package details. These will be pre-confirmed/pre-assigned executive meetings, you also agree to attend for the entire duration of the assembly. You also agree to participate in any of the workshops, roundtable discussions or other activities stipulated in the above terms. You agree to prepare to the best of your ability to discuss the issues put forward at the assembly.
-Failure to arrive on time resulting in attendee missing their flight they are responsible for transportation to the assembly.
– Only named and pre-registered attendees may attend the event. Attendees are responsible for their own insurance (including, but not limited to travel insurance, personal effects and personal insurance), vaccinations and visas (where applicable).
– By confirming your attendance with the below signature, Millennium Alliance LLC maintains the right to associate your name and organization to the assembly through our customer facing promotional materials.
3.Travel, Food and Beverage
Millennium Alliance LLC will agree to pay for pre-agreed standard airfare, transfers to and from the assembly location only and accommodations for the duration of the assembly. Millennium Alliance LLC will provide food and beverage throughout the official assembly hours at assembly run meals and receptions. Any additional costs incurred by the attendee will be his/her responsibilities.
4.Substitution and Cancellation
Millennium Alliance LLC has invited you specifically and has prepared programs, meetings, travel, accommodation and food and beverage for your requirements as outlined in your participation details above. Should you be unable to attend, you must make every effort to provide a replacement attendee from within your company/organization for the assembly. Any attendee substitutions must be approved by Millennium Alliance in advance of the assembly. Millennium Alliance LLC will only accept replacement attendees of equal or senior standing from within your organization, and from a department that is relevant to the assembly program and theme. Should a replacement be accepted, any non-transferable costs will be billed to the original attendee/company. Full cancellations (without an accepted replacement) must be confirmed in writing and you shall pay Millennium Alliance LLC $1,500 in liquidated damages caused by your non-attendance.
This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the state of New York without regard to the conflicts of law provisions of such a state. The undersigned by signing this form hereby agrees and submits him/herself to the exclusive personal and subject matter jurisdiction of the federal and New York state courts located in or having jurisdiction over New York City, New York. The undersigned hereby states that it will accept service of process by certified mail addressed to the undersigned at his/her place of business or by any manner permitted by the laws of the state of New York. In the event this undersigns fails to pay Millennium Alliance LLC according to this agreement, the undersigned promises to pay any and all expenses, including legal fees, Millennium Alliance LLC incurs in commencing or maintaining any claims arising out of this agreement