Turn Dialogue into Action

Start and Start Now!

All Millennium physical interactions are led and designed by the people they serve. Each initiative has a specific governing body that agrees on the agenda and remains a part of every stage of development to ensure 100% relevancy and opportunity are achieved.

Each member who takes part in any of Millennium’s programs will go through an extensive interview and need analysis before confirming attendance. As many executives have different priorities at different parts of a given year, each industry session will be comprised of a community of executives looking for answers to their most immediate needs that will be reflective on the agenda.

Every Peer to Peer session will have in its attendance – thought leaders/topical experts on the most pressing issues facing businesses today, seasoned technology analysts from some of the most prestigious firms across the world, and access to our C-Level industry membership base.

Our innovative formats allow for immediate dialogue to turn into immediate action. Whether at one of our national assemblies or local dinners and strategy sessions, there will always be a focus on getting to the heart of everyone’s challenges in a setting of comfort and trust.