The Millennium Alliance is an invitation-only organization for Senior-Level Executives and Business Transformers.

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With consumer demands evolving at a rapid pace in today’s innovation economy, we have decided to gather a select group of 15 top Digital & Marketing business leaders from forward-thinking brands to participate in open format discussions about evolving challenges to enhance the digital customer experience.

Sparks | New York, NY


  • Strategically curating like-minded leaders in a relaxed but focused manner
  • Creating an environment conducive for you to establish powerful connections
  • Identifying new opportunities to ensure your brand sustains its competitive advantage

Roundable Discussions

During the Dinner you will participate in an interactive roundtable discussion of your choosing. Below are the topics:

  • 1 Customer Segmentation Strategy: how are you building segmentations to create real business impact with revenue strategy in mind?
  • 2 Offer Utopia: in a world where no limitations apply, what ideal promotional offer components would you implement to maximize discount efficiency?
  • 3 Best in the Biz: What companies, in your eyes, are the best in class when it comes to personalization and customer experience?

Dinner Format

  • Cocktails & Networking
  • Welcome Address
  • Dinner and Roundtable Discussion
  • Dessert and Closing Remarks


We began in 2015 with a pilot test for a Fortune 100 company who had the goal of becoming the most personalized brand in the world. After proving tremendous customer engagement and revenue impact, we raised a $30M Series A in February 2016. We have since grown rapidly in every dimension and are just getting started. We engage individuals with unique, multi-step experiences that bridge their motivations to goals. We connect with them through their preferred modes of communication – including mobile, email, web, and in person – to create a seamless journey.