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TGIF Digital Diary readers! We’ve had quite a week in Denver for our Healthcare Providers Transformation Assembly. Executives got to attend intimate workshop sessions, roundtable discussions and Keynote panels. As crazy as it sounds, we head BACK to Denver on Monday for a change of industry – our Transformational CMO Assembly! We are big fans of Denver, can you tell? In the meantime, let’s take a look at the top stories this week in Healthcare, Retail, Marketing, Security/Enterprise and more.


UnitedHealth Group

The insurer will be launching an integrated and portable EHR system for its 50 million members by the end of 2018. Their already existing mobile wellness platform currently allows for 20 million registered users to find savings and get rewarded for maintaining wellness.

McLaren Health Care

The Michigan-based system is teaming up with Walgreens and just announced an idea to improve healthcare and pharmacy services. McLaren will provide a retail health clinic, urgent care and primary services within Michigan Walgreens stores. Walgreens will also acquire prescription files and pharmacy inventory from McLaren pharmacies.

Blue Button 2.0

CMS is putting more of an interest in Blue Button 2.0 with about 1,200 organizations partnering with the agency to use Medicare claims data to create apps. These apps will aim at enhancing patient engagement and can connect to 3-4 years of Medicare fee-for-service claims data, updated with weekly live information. Fewer than 200 of Medicare recipients are sharing such data.


Rent the Runway

The company just launched a partnership with WeWork. The first project they will work on together is Rent the Runway drop-offs at 15 WeWork locations in NYC, San Fran, LA, Chicago, DC and Miami. WeWork will also host pop-up campaigns at a number of locations titled “Women of the Future” and “Influential Females,” and of course, WeWork members will receipt discounts on Rent the Runway memberships.


The luxury fashion brand is hopping on board with “fast fashion” and will start to release monthly products. This idea comes from a plan to excite customers with frequent communication and new deliveries. There seems to be a lot of other brands doing this, so Burberry is getting on board with shortened production cycles.


New York Times

CIO, Cindy Taibi, announces her priorities for technology with a 24/7 news cycle. There are no longer windows where the company can schedule maintenance and down time. She’s been in this role for 6 months and one of the first things she did was create a team to help the company move with the agile methodology. She has teams using OKR and DRI models.


Jim Scholefield, CIO, is leaving Nike and joining Merk, the pharmaceutical company. He was CIO for almost 3.5 years. He previously came from Coca-Cola.



The airline is launching an AI powered advertising experience with IBM Watson Advertising. Their campaign will follow the hashtag, #SayYesToTheWorld, and is the first ad campaign from the airline. It will let consumers interact with the airline, get tips and travel tricks and overall, gathers insights to help inform Lufthansa marketing strategies.


Partnering with LGBTQ-media advocacy group, GLAAD, launched an anti-bullying campaign, #SpiritDay. On Thursday, Kellogg’s employees wore all purple which is the color of spirit on the rainbow flag. The campaign was in support for LGBTQ youth and to stand up to bullying. The company also released limited-edition “All Together” Spirit Day cereal boxes.

Burger King

The brand cooked up a new sandwich for Halloween. The “Nightmare King” is a quarter pound burger, chicken fillet, cheese, bacon, mayo and onions. Apparently this sandwich truly makes you have bad dreams. Burger King partnered with Paramount Trials and Florida Sleep & Neuro Diagnostic Services as well as branding firm, Goldforest. After eating this new sandwich, heart rate, brain activity and lack of breath all were affected.

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