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  • on February 15, 2019

Happy Friday, readers! Before we head into the long weekend, let’s take a look back at the top stories from this week in retail, healthcare, marketing and digital enterprise/security.



As the retailer enters its second bankruptcy in less than 2 years, we won’t be seeing much more of Payless. All 2300 locations have plans to liquidate because the retailer failed to find a buyer.


If you’re in NYC like we are at The Millennium Alliance, you’ve been keeping close eyes on this story. This week we learned that Amazon HQ cancelled its Long Island City, Queens move-in plans. There are no plans to keep the headquarters search open.


Mayo Clinic

A collaboration between Mayo Clinic and Leidos will aim to develop products and services within Mayo’s Life Sciences Incubator. Leidos is a technology, engineering and science services provider and this collab will help providers improve operations to patients.


As part of its commitment to address social determinants of health, Lyft is thinking about starting an at-home food delivery system. Gyre Renwick, VP for Lyft Business announced this idea in hopes of addressing nutritional deficits in food deserts and help patients stay on track with their diet.



Influencers are top of mind in the marketing world and Nickelodeon has hopped on board partnering with child YouTube star, Ryan ToysReview, which will target pre-schoolers. The YouTube channel has an average of more than 1 billion views per month with 18 million subscribers.


The biggest music festival taking place in April is teaming up with Amazon. The company will be setting up Amazon Lockers onsite at the festival so music lovers can focus on the experience rather than worrying about the flower crowns and hobo bags they left behind at home.

Digital Enterprise/Security


As part of a settlement with the FTC for an investigation into its privacy mistakes, Facebook is negotiating a multibillion dollar fine. This all began last March and the FTC commissioners have not yet voted on an agreement.


With a plan to invest $13 billion in data centers throughout the US in 2019, Google will expand in 14 states which will create over 10k jobs.

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