What Are The Biggest News Stories Of The Week?


Happy Friday! Before we kick off our weekend plans, it is important for us to take a look at all the news buzz that occurred this week, disrupting leading industries such as financial services, security & enterprise, marketing, retail, and healthcare. With our marketing and retail transformation assemblies approaching...

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17 Jul, 2017

Wal-Mart Pushes Back Against the Amazon Takeover


“Amazon intends to take over the world, and they’re doing a pretty darn good job of it.” – Retail Consultant Jan Kniffen of J. Rogers Kniffen Remember when Amazon.com was simply an online book retailer? Well now, having recently infiltrated the grocery market with its acquisition of WholeFoods, Amazon is...

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02 Jun, 2017

The latest News from Retail, Healthcare, Financial Services, Security, Enterprise, and Marketing

 -News round-up

Here’s a round-up of the week’s Retail, Healthcare, Financial Services, Security, Enterprise, and Marketing news. RETAIL Wal-Mart Wal-Mart continues to make big announcements. This week not only detailing test of virtual reality technology in 31 training facilities. The success of the tests has led to plans to expand the program,...

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30 May, 2017

How can Retailers Take on Amazon?

 -How can Retailers Take on Amazon-

On Thursday last week, Amazon officially opened its first AmazonFresh Pickup locations in Seattle. These stores enable customers to order groceries in advance, with as little as 15 minutes notice and grab them on their way home. The service also has no minimum purchase requirements and is a complimentary service for...

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19 May, 2017

News Round-up: Wal-Mart vs. Amazon, Healthcare Victim of Cyber attack, New Presidential Order and more


This week’s news round-up looks at the ongoing battle between Wal-Mart vs. Amazon, UK hospitals falling victim to cyber attack, the subsequent new Presidential Order and more. There’s been a lot happening this week, especially in Retail so that’s where we’re going to start. RETAIL Wal-Mart vs. Amazon The...

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21 Apr, 2017

News round-up: Uber launches Enterprise edition, Wal-Mart seeks to reduce emissions, Healthcare funding update and more

 -news week of april 21

It’s time for the weekly new round-up, so here it is here. Let’s start with a little data joke that the digital transformers out there will appreciate from the folks over at Dilbert. ENTERPRISE & SECURITY Uber On Tuesday, Uber announced the launch of its enterprise version, Uber Central....

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27 Mar, 2017

The Retail Battle. Amazon or Wal-Mart for the win?

 -The retail battle

With March Madness taking over our newsfeeds, as teams battle to win the NCAA, there’s another battle going on, one between two retail giants. Amazon and Wal-Mart are head-to-head in the race to dominate the retail space. “The race to become the “everything store” is well under way and...

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