02 Jul, 2018

It’s True: Loyalty Can Survive in a Gen Z World


It is more common for marketers to think of loyalty as a technology platform or a marketing campaign. They think it is a demand or a lever to produce higher revenue, but now, it is so much more than that. In one of its most successful definition, loyalty is...

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28 Feb, 2018

Why the Relationship Between Culture and Brand is so Important – Interview with Branding Expert Denise Lee Yohn

 -Denise Lee Yohn, President, Denise Lee Yohn, Inc.,Advisory Board Member, The Millennium Alliance

As always, here at Digital Diary we search for the latest sources of information regarding business transformation, and how companies can power their growth in 2018 and beyond. Millennium Alliance Advisory Board member Denise Lee Yohn is helping us do just that by giving us a sneak peek into...

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How Bitly Can Optimize Your Marketing Strategy


In 2008, Bitly was known for its revolutionary link shortening application that generating short, trackable URL links for marketers and other businesses. Now, millions of customers and roughly 32 billion links later, Bitly is the world’s leading Link Management Platform and just received a $63 million majority investment from...

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21 Feb, 2017

4 digital transformation podcasts to listen to on your way home today

 -Top 10 podcasts to listen to if you're considering digital transformation

Podcasts are a fantastic source of information. Listening on the subway to work, or walking home, they provide great content and useful tips. If you’re looking for some commuting entertainment, here are our top picks to get you home today. Happy listening! Listen to the Wall Street Journal’s Media...

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15 Feb, 2017

Is the future of marketing conversation?

 -Messenger apps & chatbots - future of marketing is all about conversation

Noticed how your marketing gurus are all talking chatbots and messenger apps? Well, that’s because in recent years there has been a drastic increase in the uptake of messaging apps. In fact, the usage of these apps and chatbots is actually outpacing that of social media networks. It is...

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01 Feb, 2017

America’s Game – the ‘Super Bowl Ad’

 -Super Bowl Ad Game goes digital

The Super Bowl is the pinnacle of every sports fan’s February. Not only do the two best American Football teams face-off, but the Super Bowl now features some of the biggest names in music during the halftime show, including Katy Perry, Coldplay, Beyoncé and the iconic Rolling Stones. But...

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