24 Aug, 2017

“Emergency Medicine Was A Journey” – Emergency Medicine’s Evolution With John D’Angelo MD, Northwell Health


As digital transformation continues to emerge in the healthcare industry, new trends develop. At Healthcare Providers Transformation Assembly earlier this year, we discussed the health care trends that business leaders in this industry face currently. Trends under the spotlight included Telehealth, Individualized Treatment, and Artificial Intelligence. Millennium Live was...

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Interview with Scott Dillon, EVP, CTO and Head of Technology Infrastructure Services at Wells Fargo and Company & Keynote Speaker at FSI Transformation Assembly

 -Scott Dillon Wells Fargo Interview

With FSI Transformation Assembly only 5 weeks away, Digital Diary decided to sit down with Keynote Speaker Scott Dillon, EVP, CTO and Head of Technology Infrastructure Services at Wells Fargo and Company to hear his predictions for the future of Enterprise Information Technology. IT has evolved from a service provider to a...

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“Crisis creates opportunity” Interview with FSI Transformation Assembly Keynote Lisa Shalett, Former Partner and Head of Brand Marketing & Digital Strategy at Goldman Sachs

 -FSI Transformation Assembly - Lisa Goldman Sachs Interview

Lisa, you recently joined us as our keynote speaker at the Digital FSI & FSI Transformation Assembly. Can you give our readers a rundown of your key takeaways from the Assembly and of course, your Keynote Address? LS: “I have a number of key takeaways from the Assembly. Firstly, that nearly every organization present...

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28 Mar, 2017

Interview with Sarah Robb O’Hagan, CEO, Flywheel Sports – Keynote Speaker at Digital Retail Transformation Assembly 2017


In a few weeks’ time, we will be joined by our Keynote Speaker Sarah Robb O’Hagan, CEO, Flywheel Sports, Former President of Equinox Fitness and Gatorade at the Digital Retail Transformation Assembly 2017. With a new job at FlyWheel and a book coming out in a week’s time, ‘EXTREMEYOU’, we sat...

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