04 Jul, 2017

Protect Your Business from Ransomware Attacks


Ransomware attacks are rapidly affecting businesses, compromising major data and important information. When the latest ransomware attack Petya, now being called ExPetr, spread to major enterprises, it became clear that leading industries will have to make major improvements in order to protect themselves to keep data secured. These improvements...

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14 Apr, 2017

News round-up: Bankruptcies in Retail, Digital Apps in Healthcare, Digital Marketing spend tops the charts and more

 -News round-up

Here it is folks! The weekly round-up is here. Instead of chocolate for Easter, here’s a little data joke that the digital transformers out there will appreciate from the folks over at Dilbert. RETAIL Rue21, Gymboree and Claire’s Another set of bankruptcies is plaguing the retail news this week....

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