FSI Transformation Assembly Featured in Times Square

 -FSI Transformation Featured in Times Square

The Millennium Alliance is thrilled to share that our FSI Transformation Assembly was featured earlier this week in Times Square. Wells Fargo Chief Technology Officer Scott Dillon to Keynote FSI Transformation Assembly Digital transformation event scheduled for September 14-15 in Palm Beach, Florida The Millennium Alliance announces Wells Fargo...

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Blockchain Tech to Transform Traditional Banking Industry


Blockchain is a global, decentralized online database that anyone, anywhere with an Internet connection can use. When the concept of blockchain was first implemented in 2009, it was a key component of the digital currency bitcoin, where it accounts for all public transactions. At first, blockchain was mainly used...

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“Crisis creates opportunity” Interview with FSI Transformation Assembly Keynote Lisa Shalett, Former Partner and Head of Brand Marketing & Digital Strategy at Goldman Sachs

 -FSI Transformation Assembly - Lisa Goldman Sachs Interview

Lisa, you recently joined us as our keynote speaker at the Digital FSI & FSI Transformation Assembly. Can you give our readers a rundown of your key takeaways from the Assembly and of course, your Keynote Address? LS: “I have a number of key takeaways from the Assembly. Firstly, that nearly every organization present...

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