23 Mar, 2017

Interview with the Masterminds from Variety and Sports Illustrated behind the Sports & Entertainment Summit 2016

 -Dea and Damian - strategic partnerships blog

The Sports & Entertainment Summit 2016 was one of the stand-out events of the year and a great example of the power of partnership in business. In an exclusive interview with Dea Lawrence, CMO, Variety and Damian Slattery, VP, Client Solutions, Time.Inc., the masterminds behind the event tell us...

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20 Mar, 2017

Mile 2 on the road to digital transformation – get to know your market

 -Stepping stones for step 2 - market research

Undertaking digital transformation is not easy. There are many factors to juggle, many of which are out of your control and can often have the greatest influence on the route your journey takes. As we’ve discussed before, any journey steps with the planning phase. Step 1 being the identification...

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17 Mar, 2017

News round-up: Digital Transformation latest on St Patrick’s Day

 -St Patrick's Day digital transformation news

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! With St Paddy’s Day spent predicted to hit an all-time high, the luck of the Irish will be with retailers, bars, and restaurants alike across the U.S. today. According to the latest projections from the National Retail Federation (NRF), their annual survey (conducted by Prosper...

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14 Mar, 2017

“The future is here and we need to embrace it.” – Interview with Steve Facini, CMO, OnDemand CMO

 -Steve Facini Interview

Yesterday we sat down with Steve Facini, CMO, OnDemand CMO who joined us at our Digital FSI Transformation earlier this year. We quizzed Steve about the future of digital in the financial services, and what advice he has for the CMO of tomorrow. Steve, you recently joined us to moderate...

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10 Mar, 2017

News round-up: Digital Transformation latest

 -New round-up week of March 6th

Starting today, each week we will round-up the biggest news digital news stories of the week for each industry that we cover. First up… Marketing Starbucks looks to gamification to improve its mobile app. Enter Bonus Star Bingo. Starbucks launched their Bingo platform this week, gamifying their mobile app. The game...

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09 Mar, 2017

Virtual Reality is adding a new dimension to retail

 -Virtual Reality in retail

Virtual reality is changing the face of retail by adding a new dimension to a shopper’s experience. Imagine this scenario. You’re planning to buy a birthday present for your Mum. Like every year, you plan on splitting the cost with your sister. You both search online to find the...

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08 Mar, 2017

Digital Transformers: Top technology for Consumer-Facing industries

 -Transformers - top technology in consumer-facing industries

While we were working on our “Strategic Guide to Digital Business Transformation” eBook (coming soon!), we noticed that one of the major challenges facing digital disruptors today is choosing amongst the technology that is out there. There are literally hundreds of businesses selling technology to help you through your...

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03 Mar, 2017

10 predictions – where will digital transformation be by 2020

 -DX Economy 2020

Where will digital transformation be in 2020? Will all companies be digitally transformed? Are brands going to communicate with customer using Artificial Intelligence? Will we work from home and meet colleagues by Virtual Reality? The possibilities are quite literally endless. A slightly cheesy way to put it, but the...

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01 Mar, 2017

10 business models of digital disruptors

 -10 business models for digitally disruptive businesses

Once you’ve completed step 1 in your digital transformation journey, you will have set clear goals, audited your own assets and examined your wider market, you know have the basis from which to envision your new digitally transformed business. According to Digital Intelligence Today, there are 10 digital business...

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24 Feb, 2017

How to sell your digital transformation vision? 4 steps to get buy-in from your peers


Let’s set the scene. You’ve been promoted to the board to lead the digital transformation, but first, you need to get the other members to buy-in to your vision. Easier said than done! Any major shift in business practice requires clear and open communication. It will be crucial to...

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