29 Mar, 2018

“Continuous Delivery Is About Two Things: Speed And Automation” Rainforest QA Discusses Digital Transformation Within Enterprises


With our DevOps Day New York rapidly approaching (in just one week!) we sat down with Rainforest QA to get a first-hand look into how automation and continuous processes are helping push enterprises toward digital transformation. We can’t wait to meet Rainforest QA during our assembly! As an on-demand...

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Apple Gives Us A Sneak Peek Into The Future Of Healthcare Records


News broke this week that Apple will be making even more advancements in the healthcare scope which has created quite a stir among professionals in the industry. The advancements that Apple will be making in healthcare industry involves technology and health records, a combination that has the ability to...

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Financial Services Must Learn How To Approach Big Data, And Use It


A business is as good as its performance, and that performance is only good if it is monitored often. So, as a business leader, what tools can you use in order to effectively measure your business’s data? As many financial professionals may know, analytics is the best way to...

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20 Mar, 2017

Mile 2 on the road to digital transformation – get to know your market

 -Stepping stones for step 2 - market research

Undertaking digital transformation is not easy. There are many factors to juggle, many of which are out of your control and can often have the greatest influence on the route your journey takes. As we’ve discussed before, any journey steps with the planning phase. Step 1 being the identification...

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08 Mar, 2017

Digital Transformers: Top technology for Consumer-Facing industries

 -Transformers - top technology in consumer-facing industries

While we were working on our “Strategic Guide to Digital Business Transformation” eBook (coming soon!), we noticed that one of the major challenges facing digital disruptors today is choosing amongst the technology that is out there. There are literally hundreds of businesses selling technology to help you through your...

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01 Mar, 2017

10 business models of digital disruptors

 -10 business models for digitally disruptive businesses

Once you’ve completed step 1 in your digital transformation journey, you will have set clear goals, audited your own assets and examined your wider market, you know have the basis from which to envision your new digitally transformed business. According to Digital Intelligence Today, there are 10 digital business...

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16 Feb, 2017

Ready to start your digital transformation journey? Step 1 – Identify your goals

 -Digital transformation journey - step 1

Digital Transformation is not a buzzword. It refers to the leveraging of digital technologies in the strategic transformation of an organization by its leaders. Transformation is no longer limited to just businesses. Governmental or societal bodies are also looking to digital technology to enable them to reach their objectives....

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