11 Oct, 2017

Digital Transformation Calls For A New Kind Of Communications Leader

 -Digital Transformation Calls For A New Kind Of Communications Leader

Article originally appeared on Forbes Communication Council. Digital transformation has changed how we communicate with our customers, colleagues, and friends. The digital age demands a new kind of communications leader. In my career, I have been truly fortunate to meet some of the world’s best leaders. Although unique in...

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10 Oct, 2017

The Top 5 Priorities for Marketing Leaders in 2018

 -The Top 5 Priorities for Marketing Leaders in 2017

The Digital Retail & Marketing Assemblies are just one week away. In the run-up to the event, we sent our Millennium Members a quick survey to find out what’s keeping them up at night. Take a look at the top 5 topics retail marketers are focusing on for 2018:...

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06 Oct, 2017

The Power Behind Marketing Decisions: Data And Analytics

 -The Power Behind Marketing Decisions- Data And Analytics

Marketing has evolved. Thanks to digital transformation and the advent of new technology, marketers are empowered to make smarter decisions. Data and Analytics powers these smarter marketing decisions. By leveraging the right data, marketers are able to target and personalize their chosen tactics to suit the needs and meet...

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5 Steps to Profitable Personalization

 -5 Steps to Profitable Personalization

Personalization is an imperative to maximize the impact of any marketing tactic. Digital Retail Transformation Assembly sponsor Acumen AI has created an infographic to detail the 5 steps needed to profit from AI-driven Personalization. ABOUT DIGITAL RETAIL TRANSFORMATION ASSEMBLY Acumen AI is joining us at North America’s most prominent...

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Brand Safety: A Digital Component CMO’s Must Pay Attention To


The reputation of any brand is important, especially when that brand represents a particular message that targets a unique audience. According to a recent study, CMO’s are focused on making sure that their brands are safe when it comes to ad placement. For instance, if your brand represents something positive,...

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28 Sep, 2017

This Week’s Publication Review Is A Sight For Marketer’s Eyes


Happy Thursday! If you are just tuning in, don’t worry, you are just in time. Thursday is the day where we release a publication review that we think makes an impact on all the industries that we know and love. We continue to rotate industries so everyone gets to...

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It’s Time to Change the Narrative: Retail is Not Dead. Interview with Martine Reardon, Former CMO at Macy’s and Keynote Speaker at Digital Retail & Digital Marketing Assemblies

 -Martine Reardon, Keynote Speaker Digital Marketing & Digital Retail Assemblies

With just a few weeks to go until the Digital Retail & Digital Marketing Assemblies, we sat down with Keynote Speaker Martine Reardon to get her insight into the challenges facing retailers today. Over your 30-year career at Macy’s, how did retail marketing transform? MR: Marketing plays a major role...

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12 Sep, 2017

Are Google Searches Becoming Mostly Mobile?


According to a recent report found on RetailDive, the answer is yes, Google searches have gone mostly mobile. The study was conducted by a content performance marketing company called BrightEdge. It showed that the number of mobile searches on Google makes up 57% of search traffic. This proves that mobile...

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11 Sep, 2017

{{Case Study}} Instagram Vs. Snapchat


If you combine pictures, messaging, live videos, news, and special effects, what do you get? You get the two leading social media platforms that have taken the world and multiple industries by storm. These two outlets go by the names of Snapchat and Instagram. If you have a business...

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07 Sep, 2017

Interested In Marketing News? Here’s What We Recommend


Let’s face it, marketing is a crucial industry to understand in order to connect your product to your desired audience. “Without marketing, your business may offer the best products or services in your industry, but none of your potential customers would know about it. Without marketing, sales may crash...

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