03 Aug, 2017

“What & How Has Changed, Why Has Not” – Healthcare’s Evolution with Giovanni Piedimonte, Chairman, Pediatric Institute & President, CCHR, Cleveland Clinic

 -Millennium Live with Giovanni Piedimonte

Healthcare is welcoming the opportunity presented by digital transformation. At Healthcare Providers Transformation Assembly earlier this year, we discussed the trends changing the face of medicine in the US at the moment.Technologies under the spotlight included Telehealth, Precision Medicine or Individualized Treatment, and Artificial Intelligence. Millennium Live attended the...

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Move Over, Millennials… Walgreens Targets 55+ with Mobile App


New Walgreens data proves that its mobile app used for pharmaceutical needs is not just tailored to meet the digitally-driven millennial. In fact, this new data shows that 20% of users are 55 and over. Shifting Trends Gone are the days where businesses only strive to target millennials with...

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27 Jun, 2017

New FDA Regulations Favor Digital Healthcare

 -New FDA Regulations Favor Digital Healthcare

Earlier this month, the FDA announced“The Digital Health Innovation Plan”. By implementing new regulations, the FDA is working to recognize how digital technology is revolutionizing healthcare. Led by The Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH), the new regulations are set to be in place by the Fall.  Back in...

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20 Jun, 2017

Digital Transformation Affects Surgery


Digital transformation is supporting a shift in the new technological advances in the healthcare industry. Surgical care is one of the few industries that has the ability for digital transformation to change it in a completely profound and disruptive way. It is clear that we are in a time...

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05 Jun, 2017

Is Telemedicine Transforming Healthcare?

 -Is Telemedicine Transforming Healthcare-

At Healthcare Providers Transformation Assembly today, we’re discussing the latest innovations changing the face of healthcare today. One such innovation is Telemedicine, a favorite among many health systems. What is Telemedicine? Telemedicine is simply the concept of using digital technology to provide remote diagnosis and treatment of patients. Telemedicine is...

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17 May, 2017

A look back at Healthcare Payers Transformation Assembly May 2017

 -Healthcare Payers Transformation Assembly

Recap of the assembly from Twitter and Instagram - #PAYAssembly

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15 May, 2017

Patient Engagement: a dynamic phenomenon, an evolving concept

 -patient engagement

The notion of patient engagement is in its infancy, but we know it’s already having significant economic impact for payers. Getting patients engaged in their own healthcare minimizes complications and lowers overall health care costs. Patient engagement is an evolving concept. One that we are looking forward to discussing at the...

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09 May, 2017

Introducing the Technology Quotient with Digital Healthcare Transformation Assembly Keynote John Nosta

 -John Nosta Keynote video

John Nosta, Digital Health Evangelist & President, NOSTALAB joined us as our keynote speaker at the Digital Healthcare Transformation Assembly back in April. He provided keen insight into the notion of digital health from a functional, philosophical standpoint. John runs a think tank that looks into what’s going on in technology and how...

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05 May, 2017

News round up: Healthcare Measure passed, Retail C-Level shake-ups continue, SEC Head announced and more…

 -News weekly round-up

The weekly news round-up starts this week with Healthcare. Last night, the house passed a measure to repeal and replace Obamacare. A close call, the measure passed with 217 to 213 votes. The measure still faces profound uncertainty in the Senate. A handful of Republican senators immediately rejected it, opting...

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01 May, 2017

Trump appoints new Surgeon General


As Trump reaches the 100-day milestone, he has signed more bills into law than his 3 predecessors but is yet to achieve any major legislation changes. Despite hefty campaign promises, Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act remains in place. Having said that, Trump has made some waves in healthcare, most...

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