09 Oct, 2017

“Healthcare has finally entered the 21st century” Interview with Karen B. DeSalvo, Former Acting Assistant Secretary for Health and National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

 -Karen B. Desalvo

With just a few months to go until the Digital Healthcare Transformation Assembly, we sat down with Keynote Speaker Karen B. DeSalvo, Former Acting Assistant Secretary for Health and National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services to get her insight into the challenges facing the industry today....

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14 Sep, 2017

What Online Healthcare Publication Is Most Informative?


Healthcare is an important issue. Since it so important, we aim to write informative pieces about this industry weekly. Since this sector is so complex, we need to turn to trusted sources to get our information. There are many healthcare publications on the internet today, but there is one...

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23 Aug, 2017

What Does The FDA’s Pilot Plan Mean For Healthcare?


As the healthcare industry moves toward digital transformation, The FDA is forced to keep up with its regulations to approve all of the digital tools that are emerging. In June, The FDA released new guidelines that promoted digital health efforts, in order to bring them to the forefront of...

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Thanks To Apple, Healthcare Takes Further Steps Toward Digital


What if you could monitor your health through data found on your smartphone? We’ve seen this made possible through the invention of wearables and fitness apps, created by companies like Samsung, Fitbit, and Apple. Samsung geared its new Galaxy phones to be patient centered, designing a health app and...

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28 Jul, 2017

Patient Privacy at Risk in a Digitally Centered World


In a world where technology is so prevalent, patient privacy may be at risk in the healthcare industry. As technology develops, patients grow more concerned about their information being vulnerable. Because of these concerns, health care professionals proposed that the AMA Code of Ethics includes these matters. “The AMA...

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24 Jul, 2017

Algorithms Detect Heart Disease Faster Than Humans


The latest artificial intelligence trend in the healthcare industry has the ability to detect heart problems in patients using algorithms. This stride in the healthcare industry has been developed by Stanford University and is making rapid movements using innovation and digital transformation that ultimately improves patient care. This new innovation...

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11 Jul, 2017

Electronic Health Records: a Wave of Digital Transformation


When Electronic Health Records emerged in the healthcare industry, it became clear that patient and doctor relationships were moving toward a digital transformation. Electronic Health Records are a comprehensive report regarding patients’ overall health, possessing information about demographics, health problems, medications, specific to the patient, that is accessed by...

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27 Jun, 2017

New FDA Regulations Favor Digital Healthcare

 -New FDA Regulations Favor Digital Healthcare

Earlier this month, the FDA announced“The Digital Health Innovation Plan”. By implementing new regulations, the FDA is working to recognize how digital technology is revolutionizing healthcare. Led by The Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH), the new regulations are set to be in place by the Fall.  Back in...

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23 May, 2017

FDA creates new Unit dedicated to Digital Health

 -FDA creates new Unit dedicated to Digital Health

The FDA has created a new unit dedicated to Digital Health. As medicine and healthcare push for digital health tools to become the norm, the FDA is racing to catch-up. The worlds of technology and health have been becoming more intertwined for the past few years. Today, machine learning powers...

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09 May, 2017

Introducing the Technology Quotient with Digital Healthcare Transformation Assembly Keynote John Nosta

 -John Nosta Keynote video

John Nosta, Digital Health Evangelist & President, NOSTALAB joined us as our keynote speaker at the Digital Healthcare Transformation Assembly back in April. He provided keen insight into the notion of digital health from a functional, philosophical standpoint. John runs a think tank that looks into what’s going on in technology and how...

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