10 Apr, 2018

The Questions That Begin Your Digital Transformation Journey


Digital transformation: can’t live with it- well, actually in today’ world, you have to live with it. So let’s ignore that pun for now. As a business professional, digital transformation is vital to staying relevant, up to date and ahead of the competition. It also provides you tools to...

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08 Feb, 2018

City of New York Chief Technology Officer Miguel A. Gamiño Jr. to Keynote Digital Enterprise Transformation Day

The Millennium Alliance announces City of New York Chief Technology Officer Miguel A. Gamiño Jr. as Keynote at the upcoming Digital Enterprise Transformation Day on April 5 in New York City. Mr. Gamiño will address New York’s best technology and business leaders on how the City is making technology work for people through a municipal...

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09 Jan, 2018

How Can You Align Your Technology And Goals For The New Year?


As we continue to erase 2017 from our memories in order to store new memories of 2018, it makes us wonder, is it time to erase our hard drives as well? As the new year unfolds, it is important for businesses to prepare technology tools to be fully capable...

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07 Nov, 2017

“Artificial Intelligence or the Cognitive Enterprise are no Longer a Tech Dreamer’s Imagination” – Interview with Shamayun Miah, Partner & VP, IBM Global Business Services

 -Shamayun Miah, IBM Interview

With just a few weeks to go until the Digital Enterprise Transformation Assembly, we sat down with Shamayun Miah, Partner & VP, IBM Global Business Services, who is joining us at the event to lead the keynote panel “Creating the intelligence-driven Digital Enterprise.” Companies across all industries are modernizing and...

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02 Aug, 2017

Digital Transformation is an “all hands on deck” exercise – Interview with Former Federal CIO, Tony Scott

 -Tony Scott Interview Digital Enterprise & Transformational CISO Assemblies

Tony Scott, Retired Federal CIO – U.S. Government, Former CIO VMware, Microsoft and Walt Disney joined us as Keynote Speaker at the Digital Enterprise Transformation Assembly and Transformational CISO Assembly back in June. Digital Diary spoke to him just after his keynote presentation to find out a little more about how the role of the CIO has evolved. The role...

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10 Jul, 2017

Microsoft Office 365 Benefits Businesses


Microsoft is living up to its reputation of constantly creating innovative software products that target businesses’ growing needs. One software, in particular, Microsoft Office 365, is making an impact on the business world, offering a variety of features for businesses to further enhances productivity in the workplace. “Office 365...

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