09 Aug, 2017

Digital Transformation: Where it Began, and Where it is Heading


Digital transformation is seen in all leading industries, changing the way business operations are carried out. “Forty percent of businesses in this room, unfortunately, will not exist in a meaningful way in 10 years. 70 percent of companies will attempt to go digital but only 30 percent of those...

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28 Jun, 2017

Businesses Adapt to Technology to Become Digital Enterprises


In a world where technology is rapidly developing, we are constantly forced to keep up with new, digital trends in order to stay up to date and relevant. It is no surprise that businesses are compelled to keep up with the trends as well, to stay above the digital...

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The Digital Enterprise Transformation Assembly Exposes Priorities from Business Leaders


The Digital Enterprise Transformation Assembly is one week away so we chatted with our attendees to find out what topics they think are a priority for technology and business leaders from all major industries. The following themes stood out. Data Management and Self-Service Analytics Data management develops policies and...

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15 Mar, 2017

Digital Transformers: Top technology for Security and Enterprise


There are literally hundreds of businesses selling technology to help you through your digital transformation. So we thought we would simplify things a little with our weekly list – “The Digital Transformers”, top technology for each industry. This week and for the third edition, we are taking a look...

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08 Sep, 2016

Embarking on Your Digital Transformation Journey

By: Jeanne Morain | Digital Transformation Catalyst, Author, and Strategist I recently interviewed over fifty plus IT Leaders for my new book – iSpeak Cloud™: Embracing Digital Transformation.  I asked each of them what they believed Digital Transformation meant and received fifty different responses varying from a digital technology...

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07 Sep, 2016

Jack Barsky Former Undercover KGB Agent Headlines 2016 Digital Enterprise and Transformational CISO Assembly!

Jack Barsky Former Undercover KGB Agent Headlines 2016 Digital Enterprise and Transformational CISO Assembly! NEW YORK, September 7th, 2016 – The Millennium Alliance is incredibly honored to have Jack Barsky, Retired CIO of NRG Energy and Former Undercover KGB Agent, as the gala dinner keynote speaker at our upcoming Digital Enterprise Transformation...

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06 Sep, 2016

HPE CIO tackles tough ‘spin merge’ with CSC

The HP Enterprise logo is seen in a company building in Palo Alto, CA. Credit: HP Enterprise Separating HP’s enterprise services business from its parent company is a challenging but necessary task for Scott Spradley, who says ‘hard work is fun.’ By Clint Boulton | Senior Writer for CIO.com It’s become...

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29 Jun, 2016

Beyond Illegal Orders: Concern About a Misuse of Executive Power

During this unusual political season, I hear a recurring question from former, present, and aspiring intelligence officers.  It’s a question that I have rarely heard before, no matter the Administration or political persuasion of my interlocutors: “What do we do if we are given an illegal order?”  This has...

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