03 Oct, 2017

Retailers: Is Live Video the New Face of Video Content?


If it’s one thing that consumers have in common, it’s that they love to be able to visualize the product or service they are receiving. In the growing digital society that we live in, the desire for real-time content is constantly growing. Deciding what platform to use while getting...

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15 Aug, 2017

How Important Is Visual Content In Marketing Campaigns?


Visual content is very important while conducting a marketing strategy. What better way to translate a message to your audience than letting photos or videos to do the talking? It is no surprise that the world prefers visual content, just look at the social media platforms that are so...

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Coca-Cola Leads Digital Transformation In Global Beverage Industry


Coca-Cola has a new chief in town, James Quincey after former CEO Muhtar Kent stepped down. Quincey has made it clear that his mission for the Coca-Cola brand is to adapt and meet the needs of a new threat: digital disruption. Coca-Cola is famed for successfully leveraging the traditional marketing tool...

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The WannaCry Ransomware, a Wake-Up Call for Marketers

 -cybersecurity and marketing

Late last week, the WannaCry ransomware, computer malware, spread across 150 countries with hundreds of thousands of computers being affected. The ransomware took over users’ files demanding $300 (£230) to restore access. Computer giant Microsoft said the attack should serve as a wake-up call for businesses all over the world....

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