07 Nov, 2017

“Artificial Intelligence or the Cognitive Enterprise are no Longer a Tech Dreamer’s Imagination” – Interview with Shamayun Miah, Partner & VP, IBM Global Business Services

 -Shamayun Miah, IBM Interview

With just a few weeks to go until the Digital Enterprise Transformation Assembly, we sat down with Shamayun Miah, Partner & VP, IBM Global Business Services, who is joining us at the event to lead the keynote panel “Creating the intelligence-driven Digital Enterprise.” Companies across all industries are modernizing and...

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11 Oct, 2017

The Future of Marketing is Predictive

 -The Future of Marketing is Predictive

The marketing landscape is changing once again. Artificial Intelligence has opened the door to the idea of Predictive Marketing. With Transformational CMO Assembly just around the corner, Digital Diary sat down with Eric Duerr, CMO and Predictive Marketing expert at RocketFuel, part of Sizmek. As experts in Predictive Marketing,...

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10 Oct, 2017

The Top 5 Priorities for Marketing Leaders in 2018

 -The Top 5 Priorities for Marketing Leaders in 2017

The Digital Retail & Marketing Assemblies are just one week away. In the run-up to the event, we sent our Millennium Members a quick survey to find out what’s keeping them up at night. Take a look at the top 5 topics retail marketers are focusing on for 2018:...

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5 Steps to Profitable Personalization

 -5 Steps to Profitable Personalization

Personalization is an imperative to maximize the impact of any marketing tactic. Digital Retail Transformation Assembly sponsor Acumen AI has created an infographic to detail the 5 steps needed to profit from AI-driven Personalization. ABOUT DIGITAL RETAIL TRANSFORMATION ASSEMBLY Acumen AI is joining us at North America’s most prominent...

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It’s Time to Change the Narrative: Retail is Not Dead. Interview with Martine Reardon, Former CMO at Macy’s and Keynote Speaker at Digital Retail & Digital Marketing Assemblies

 -Martine Reardon, Keynote Speaker Digital Marketing & Digital Retail Assemblies

With just a few weeks to go until the Digital Retail & Digital Marketing Assemblies, we sat down with Keynote Speaker Martine Reardon to get her insight into the challenges facing retailers today. Over your 30-year career at Macy’s, how did retail marketing transform? MR: Marketing plays a major role...

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What Are The Latest Artificial Intelligence Predictions?


Artificial intelligence is here, everyone, and according to experts, it is here to stay. Artificial intelligence is innovative, it’s transformative and it’s developing right in front of our eyes. Let’s reflect on what artificial intelligence is, exactly. “Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially...

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Why Retail Uses Artificial Intelligence to Power Personalized Marketing

 -Acumen AI Retail Post

In retail, competition is fierce. Retail marketers are seeking ways to stand out by delighting and surprising their consumer. Artificial Intelligence and Personalized Marketing Forward-thinking companies are competing and winning based on their ability to offer up relevant marketing content that is tailored to the behaviors, preferences, and context...

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03 Aug, 2017

“What & How Has Changed, Why Has Not” – Healthcare’s Evolution with Giovanni Piedimonte, Chairman, Pediatric Institute & President, CCHR, Cleveland Clinic

 -Millennium Live with Giovanni Piedimonte

Healthcare is welcoming the opportunity presented by digital transformation. At Healthcare Providers Transformation Assembly earlier this year, we discussed the trends changing the face of medicine in the US at the moment.Technologies under the spotlight included Telehealth, Precision Medicine or Individualized Treatment, and Artificial Intelligence. Millennium Live attended the...

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24 Jul, 2017

Algorithms Detect Heart Disease Faster Than Humans


The latest artificial intelligence trend in the healthcare industry has the ability to detect heart problems in patients using algorithms. This stride in the healthcare industry has been developed by Stanford University and is making rapid movements using innovation and digital transformation that ultimately improves patient care. This new innovation...

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06 Jul, 2017

Retailers Boost Sales With Artificial Intelligence


Retailers are using digital transformation to create unique shopping experiences in order to boost in-store purchases. Stores are integrating artificial intelligence to keep up with the online shopping competition that continues to threaten the retail market. Artificial Intelligence makes stores innovative and digitally driven by providing a variety of...

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