12 Mar, 2018

Amazon’s Alexa Wants To Make Your Business Smarter


Your business has the potential to get a whole lot smarter, and you can thank Amazon. Amazon’s famous voice-activated smart device, Alexa, is now going to be available for professionals to use during business operations. Alexa For Business will be accessible in the workplace, offering a variety of different tools...

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24 Jan, 2018

AI Driven Robots Prove They Are Smarter Than Humans


The robots are coming, the robots are coming. I imagine that is what is going through the heads of the people who discover new insights about all of the advancements that robots are making, which, by the way, is increasing more and more each year. So, maybe these professionals aren’t...

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17 Oct, 2017

Is The Chief Artifical Intelligence Officer Replacing The CIO?


Move over CIOs, there may be a new chief in town. This chief specializes in a digital trend that we touch on frequently: artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is more than just a digital trend. It is a disruptive force that experts are predicting will completely dominate leading industries as...

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5 Steps to Profitable Personalization

 -5 Steps to Profitable Personalization

Personalization is an imperative to maximize the impact of any marketing tactic. Digital Retail Transformation Assembly sponsor Acumen AI has created an infographic to detail the 5 steps needed to profit from AI-driven Personalization. ABOUT DIGITAL RETAIL TRANSFORMATION ASSEMBLY Acumen AI is joining us at North America’s most prominent...

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Why Retail Uses Artificial Intelligence to Power Personalized Marketing

 -Acumen AI Retail Post

In retail, competition is fierce. Retail marketers are seeking ways to stand out by delighting and surprising their consumer. Artificial Intelligence and Personalized Marketing Forward-thinking companies are competing and winning based on their ability to offer up relevant marketing content that is tailored to the behaviors, preferences, and context...

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12 Sep, 2017

“In some ways, I’d say ‘the more it [marketing] has changed, the more it stays the same’.” Interview with Keynote Speaker Eileen Campbell, Founder, Womintuition and Former CMO, IMAX & Former Global CEO, Millward Brown

 -Eileen Campbell, Founder, Womintuition and Former CMO, IMAX & Former Global CEO, Millward Brown

With just a few weeks to go until the Transformational CMO Assembly, we sat down with Keynote Speaker Eileen Campbell, Founder, Womintuition and Former CMO, IMAX & Former Global CEO, Millward Brown to get her insight into the complex marketing environment. Having held several top marketing positions at Millward Brown, IMAX and more, how has marketing evolved during your...

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31 Mar, 2017

News round-up: Distil uncovers Malbot, Domino’s Robot Delivery, Google Boycott, Lyft provides nonemergency patient transport, Brexit and more

 -digital news blog march 31

Here’s is our latest digital transformation news round-up. MARKETING Google Google’s issues are deepening this week as more companies join the growing boycott of its ad services. Candy giant Nestle is the latest to choose to drop their google adverts. In a move to prevent more companies boycotting, Google...

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