The Latest News About the New HealthCare Bill, PNC Bank, Apple and more…


The news has been buzzing this week starting major topics in industries such as Retail, Marketing, Security, Enterprise and Financial Services. Let’s cover retail first, with Amazon leading the way. RETAIL Amazon and Fashion The e-commerce giant Amazon has eyes on expanding its services into the fashion market by...

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Coca-Cola Leads Digital Transformation In Global Beverage Industry


Coca-Cola has a new chief in town, James Quincey after former CEO Muhtar Kent stepped down. Quincey has made it clear that his mission for the Coca-Cola brand is to adapt and meet the needs of a new threat: digital disruption. Coca-Cola is famed for successfully leveraging the traditional marketing tool...

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Amazon and Whole Foods : A Power Duo for the Grocery Market


Amazon has acquired to buy the powerhouse grocery chain Whole Foods for 13.7 billion dollars. This is a big move for Amazon and their transition into the grocery industry. Amazon’s goal has been to merge into the grocery market ever since it created an online grocery store called “Amazon...

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14 Jun, 2017

Best Buy Takes a Spin at “Try Before You Buy” Tech


Shopping in the tech industry has become less of a commitment and more of a hobby through the new start-up company called Lumoid, and their recent partnership with the powerhouse retail store Best Buy. Lumoid allow customers to rent a variety of devices that range from drones to wearable...

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12 Jun, 2017

Moving Beyond Omnichannel: The Rising Demand of Personalized Shopping Experiences Across Channels

 -Moving Beyond Omnichannel: The Rising Demand of Personalized Shopping Experiences Across Channels

In this omnichannel world that we find ourselves in, aligning our marketing efforts to answer evolving consumer demand is paramount. As consumer expectation continues to adapt, marketers in retail are strategizing on how best to manage their marketing initiatives and spend. Shoppers are increasingly demanding more personalized and seamless...

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06 Jun, 2017

The Fall of American Retail Icon Sears


Retailers are closing their stores as they struggle to keep up with consumer demand and entice customers in-store. In a recent Washington Post article, Sarah Halzack took a look at the demise of Sears, an iconic American retailer. Sear’s once dominated the retail world. Now, stores are falling into...

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30 May, 2017

How can Retailers Take on Amazon?

 -How can Retailers Take on Amazon-

On Thursday last week, Amazon officially opened its first AmazonFresh Pickup locations in Seattle. These stores enable customers to order groceries in advance, with as little as 15 minutes notice and grab them on their way home. The service also has no minimum purchase requirements and is a complimentary service for...

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25 May, 2017

Apple takes Experiential Retail to the next level with ‘Today at Apple’

 -Apple takes Experiential Retail to the next level with 'Today at Apple'

Late last week, retail giant Apple announced their new initiative ‘Today at Apple’, offering special educational programs in-store. Apple is redefining its commitment to the educational community, by offering over 60 classes. Weekend Kids Hours sessions will focus on music making and coding robots, and Teacher Tuesday to offer...

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16 May, 2017

Have you found your “Extreme You”? How to Break Yourself to Make Yourself with Sarah Robb O’Hagan, CEO, Flywheel Sports

 -Millennium Live Episode 2, Interview with Sarah Robb O'Hagan

In the 2nd episode of Millennium Live, we were joined by Digital Diary favorite Sarah Robb O’Hagan, famous for reinventing brands like Gatorade and Equinox, and now CEO of Flywheel Sports and leader of the movement Extreme Life. She joined us at the Digital Retail Transformation Assembly in Nashville last month to deliver...

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04 May, 2017

Artificial Intelligence is Finding its Feet in Retail

 -Artificial Intelligence is Finding its Feet in Retail

Ikea, the major furniture retailer, has been dabbling in augmented and virtual reality. Recently the company launched a survey to gauge how their consumers really feel about artificial intelligence. This indicated that Ikea is looking to AI and virtual assistant capabilities, to improve customer experience. The survey, called “Do You Speak Human?,” was created...

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