Three Things Every Retail Marketer Needs to Prepare for the Holidays – Interview with Udayan Bose, Founder & CEO, NetElixir


Digital Diary is heading to the Digital Retail Transformation Assembly this week. In preparation for the event, we sat down with Udayan Bose, Founder & CEO at NetElixir and asked him about the future of search marketing and how retailers should prepare for the upcoming holiday season. What is the future...

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This Week’s News Buzz Staring Healthcare, Marketing, Retail and more…


Happy Friday! It is almost time to sit back, relax and enjoy your weekend plans. But before you leave your desk, why not explore all the best news that has happened this week in the leading industries? Digital Diary is committed to delivering our readers with the best news...

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12 Oct, 2017

Is Rebranding The Only Hope For Shopping Malls?


E-commerce has been the talk of the retail industry ever since stores like Amazon and eBay appeared on the scene and disrupted shopping as we know it. With the rise of e-commerce, a new customer landscape was created. These customers possessed different priorities, compared to the brick and mortar shopper. They wanted a quick,...

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11 Oct, 2017

The Future of Marketing is Predictive

 -The Future of Marketing is Predictive

The marketing landscape is changing once again. Artificial Intelligence has opened the door to the idea of Predictive Marketing. With Transformational CMO Assembly just around the corner, Digital Diary sat down with Eric Duerr, CMO and Predictive Marketing expert at RocketFuel, part of Sizmek. As experts in Predictive Marketing,...

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10 Oct, 2017

The Top 5 Priorities for Marketing Leaders in 2018

 -The Top 5 Priorities for Marketing Leaders in 2017

The Digital Retail & Marketing Assemblies are just one week away. In the run-up to the event, we sent our Millennium Members a quick survey to find out what’s keeping them up at night. Take a look at the top 5 topics retail marketers are focusing on for 2018:...

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09 Oct, 2017

Why Retailers Should Integrate their Online and Offline efforts

 -Why Retailers Should Integrate their Online and Offline efforts

With just a few days to go until the Digital Retail Transformation Assembly, we sat down with sponsor and commerce expert Adam Tesan, SVP Sales & Marketing, Empyr to find out more about how retailers can integrate their offline and online efforts, calculate ROI, and get a sneak peek at what...

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06 Oct, 2017

The Power Behind Marketing Decisions: Data And Analytics

 -The Power Behind Marketing Decisions- Data And Analytics

Marketing has evolved. Thanks to digital transformation and the advent of new technology, marketers are empowered to make smarter decisions. Data and Analytics powers these smarter marketing decisions. By leveraging the right data, marketers are able to target and personalize their chosen tactics to suit the needs and meet...

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This is What You Need to Know in the News this Week


Happy Friday! This week all the leading industries were disrupted with the buzz-worthy news. As always, Digital Diary is committed to giving our readers a low down about the news stories that we think are most disruptive. *This is also a time for us to give our deepest condolences...

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5 Steps to Profitable Personalization

 -5 Steps to Profitable Personalization

Personalization is an imperative to maximize the impact of any marketing tactic. Digital Retail Transformation Assembly sponsor Acumen AI has created an infographic to detail the 5 steps needed to profit from AI-driven Personalization. ABOUT DIGITAL RETAIL TRANSFORMATION ASSEMBLY Acumen AI is joining us at North America’s most prominent...

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03 Oct, 2017

Retailers: Is Live Video the New Face of Video Content?


If it’s one thing that consumers have in common, it’s that they love to be able to visualize the product or service they are receiving. In the growing digital society that we live in, the desire for real-time content is constantly growing. Deciding what platform to use while getting...

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