Our Weekly News Roundup Featuring Barbie, Google, Mayo Clinic, J.P Morgan And More…


It’s that time of the week again: Friday! It has been an exciting week in the news, with many stories disrupting leading industries like marketing, retail, financial services, healthcare, and security. As always, Digital Diary is here to deliver you with a recap of all of the news buzz...

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Artificial Intelligence ignites Insurance Digital Transformation

 -Artificial Intelligence Ignites Insurance Digital Transformation

Artificial Intelligence and Digital Transformation go hand-in-hand these days. The number of instances of companies adopting this technology to either fuel or ignite their transformation is numerous, and spans industries. Most recently, insurance has been adopting AI-technology to improve the claims process for its consumers. Artificial Intelligence or AI...

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“Crisis creates opportunity” Interview with FSI Transformation Assembly Keynote Lisa Shalett, Former Partner and Head of Brand Marketing & Digital Strategy at Goldman Sachs

 -FSI Transformation Assembly - Lisa Goldman Sachs Interview

Lisa, you recently joined us as our keynote speaker at the Digital FSI & FSI Transformation Assembly. Can you give our readers a rundown of your key takeaways from the Assembly and of course, your Keynote Address? LS: “I have a number of key takeaways from the Assembly. Firstly, that nearly every organization present...

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Blockchain: is it really the next big thing?


What is Blockchain? Blockchain is essentially a digital ledger to record digital transactions. Invented by a group going by the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, the ledger was originally created to record bitcoin transactions. Since its inception, many in the tech community predict its use in other areas. “The blockchain is an...

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“The future is here and we need to embrace it.” – Interview with Steve Facini, CMO, OnDemand CMO

 -Steve Facini Interview

Yesterday we sat down with Steve Facini, CMO, OnDemand CMO who joined us at our Digital FSI Transformation earlier this year. We quizzed Steve about the future of digital in the financial services, and what advice he has for the CMO of tomorrow. Steve, you recently joined us to moderate...

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5 Tips For Building A Cross Channel Media Attribution Model

 -Steve Facini - Cross-Channel

We are thrilled to blog this on behalf of Steve Facini, CMO, OnDemand CMO who joined us at our Digital FSI Transformation event last week. See the original post here >> Steve chaired a fantastic roundtable on Cross Channel Media Attribution. One of the most popular sessions from the event,...

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