Move over Silicon Valley, New York is taking over


A recent survey discovered that New York may rank over tech hub, Silicon Valley. The survey looked at job postings between 2015-2018 and the analysis was definitely not what we expected. Is NY the city that never sleeps because of technology?

Job searching has drastically changed since the start of this study in 2015. More and more searches include the keywords, “artificial intelligence” and “machine learning.” Some of the most common roles that employers posted about during this two year time frame were for machine learning engineers, data scientists and computer vision engineers – all with AI and ML mentioned in their job description.

Believe it or not, the highest concentration of artificial intelligence postings in the last year came in at 11.6% for New York City. Following NYC was San Francisco at 9.6% and San Jose at 9.2%. Shortly after came Washington, Boston and Seattle.

NYC or SF?

It’s hard to compare because we are finding that different skill sets can be found in each city. The top two skills companies are looking for in New York are Java and Agile, whereas in San Francisco, those top skills are Java and Python. (It’s safe to say you should learn the ins and outs of Java)

New York developers seem to be coding for VBA, Excel-VBA, Excel, SQL Server and C#. In SF, coders are looking to newer technologies like TensorFlow, Go and Docker. The bay area is even looking at mobile languages like Objective C and Android.

In terms of salaries, the cost of living in each city is extremely different, so it’s hard to comment on this. Salary reports show that San Francisco ranks a bit higher in this category, but let’s remember, numbers don’t tell the entire story. The skills are hard to come by, so companies will do what they can in order to gain the best employees.

“Computer Vision and Machine Learning engineers are the hardest roles to fill. Not only because it’s hard to find the talents, but also, because those roles are in high demand right now.” Bruno Attore

New York’s tech scene still has some room to grow, but clearly the city is making its way there. Venture capital investment is expanding, tech giants like Google have added hundreds (likely thousands) of jobs in the city, and startups are finding their way around the big apple. Especially due to the variety of industries in New York City. San Francisco may need to step it up!

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