Weekly News Roundup featuring Google, Kohl’s, NYU, Smirnoff and more…


Good morning and Happy Friday to all! Here at the Millennium Alliance, we are just a weekend away from our Digital Marketing & Digital Retail Assemblies taking place in Dallas, TX. But before all systems are go, let’s take a look at some of the stories that happened this week in Healthcare, Retail, Marketing, Security and more!



Earlier this week, the wearable device line launched a new creation called SpO2, which detects changes in blood oxygen levels. With this information, consumers are able to find out potential problems with sleep apnea or asthma. They also have their Charge 3 coming out next month which will have 14+ exercise modes as well as a Sleep Score feature that paints a picture of sleep quality.


After a recent report by the HHS Office of Inspector General, Medicare supposedly overpaid hospitals almost $21.5 million for radiation therapy planning services. Payments for outpatient IMRT services did not comply with Medicare billing requirements and hospitals separately billed for simulations. The blame is being put towards hospitals not understanding CMS guidance.

NYU School of Medicine

The university and Facebook are partnering up to use AI to reduce MRI scan times by 90%. The AI networks can turn partial scans into full images by predicting information that is needed, and can even eliminate the need for patients to stay in the MRI machine while waiting for the entire dataset to be generated. For more information, take a look at our earlier Digital Diary blog post here.



Starting next July, you’ll see Nine West on the floors of all Kohl’s locations. The partnership will include a women’s apparel collection for Kohl’s as well as the traditional footwear and handbag collection. Authentic Brands Group actually took the Nine West brand in a bankruptcy auction for over $340 million.


In planning for a new California fulfillment center, Nordstrom also announced a local omnichannel hub which will open late next year. “We’re bringing all of our digital and physical assets together in a seamless ecosystem. We’re continuing to invest in supply chain, a critical enabler of the customer experience.” Co-President Blake. This will be considered the company’s, ‘last frontier.’


The SF startup launched a public demo of an AI-enabled convenience store. This happened about eight months after Amazon opened their Go store, which is their first cashier-less store. Obviously, there is some competition here. Zippin uses cameras to track customer movements, just like Amazon Go. But Zippin also uses shelf sensors to make sure the system actually records items that customers take.

Enterprise & Security


Data center cooling systems by Google are now being controlled by cloud-based AI created by their AI subsidiary, Deepmind. This is actually totalling 30% in energy savings and nothing like it exists. How does it work? The AI system takes a snapshot from sensors in the cooling system every five minutes and then sends it to a neutral network. This network analyzes the data and gives solutions and a course of action. All in all, it will minimize energy consumption.


The Israeli government is trying to get rid of Microsoft. They are letting Microsoft’s contract expire due to the company’s licensing change that would essentially double the price. Israel’s contract currently includes Office desktop software, server software and Microsoft Windows for over $27 million per year. The Finance Ministry was in disagreement with the company about moving their data to the cloud, but a final decision has not been officially made.


Recently, Joe Sullivan has been replaced as Uber’s Chief Security Officer as he was fired after the company breach findings. Co-Founder and President, Matt Olsen, will take his place. Olsen is also the CRO of IronNet Cybersecurity. His number one goal is going to be company transparency and unity as he will try and fix Uber’s reputation. He’s splitting up the security team between online security and physical security.


Land O’Lakes

Picture the children’s tune, “Old MacDonald Had a Farm.” Now picture it as a song created by butter brand, Land O’Lakes, singer Maggie Rose and songwriter Liz Rose. Their new song called “She-I-O” focuses on females and Women’s Equality Day. It is part of Land O’Lakes, All Together Better initiative, which supports women in farming. The song debuted on SoundCloud and will soon be available on iTunes. Their music video is on Vevo and YouTube, and features true female farmers. Land O’Lakes is also donating $1 to Feeding to America for each tag or comment they get.


Kentucky Fried Chicken collaborated with the World’s Strongest Man and Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson (Game of Thrones) to acknowledge the Double Crispy Colonel sandwich launch. The menu did offer this type of sandwich earlier in the year but this time, there’s two fried chicken fillets. In the campaign, Björnsson pulls a sled of these sandwiches which weighed in at over 700 lbs.


The new campaign, “Welcome to the Fun%” will be featuring celebrities showing that Smirnoff vodka can be affordable and accessible for everyone. Actors like Ted Danson, Jenna Fischer and Laverne Cox are all featured in the campaign. The vodka band is also doing an out-of-home ad which will feature ‘Chopped’ judge, Amanda Freitag as well as reality TV stars, social media influencers and celebrity drag queens.

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