27 Jul, 2018

Weekly News Roundup featuring Walmart, H&M, LifePoint Health, Facebook and more…


TGIF! Not sure how we are already heading into our last weekend in July… Despite the fact that the weatherman said it’d rain for the next three weeks, it looks like we will be seeing some sun this weekend. But before that, let’s take a look at the latest news from this week in Healthcare, Retail, Marketing, Security, Enterprise and beyond.



The store created a new brand, Nyden, that will target millennials by using Instagram influencers. Nine influencers will use the poll feature to come up with designs for the new collection. Some of which include execs from Refinery29 and Blonde Collective. These polls got more than 425k viewers in just two weeks.

Burger King

The fast food chain launched, “Chick Fries,” which is chicken fries targeted at women. It comes in a pink box and costs $3.09 whereas the regular chicken fries are at $1.69. This is all a way to explain the “pink tax,” which is when products are marketed to women and usually cost more than male marketing. Burger King released a YouTube video that shows the women ordering Chick Fries and getting angry because they were charged more than the standard chicken fries. It ends with a message supporting the pink tax repeal.



The mega store chose Capital One as its #1 credit card partner. Their current partner, Synchrony, didn’t make the cut. This new partnership means that Capital One will be the exclusive card for its stores and website. There’s about $10 billion in existing balances on Walmart cards and the retailer represents almost 20% of the cards business.


This week, the company reported a 14% net sales decline. A lot of this was affected due to the gross sales from Toys R Us liquidation. Mattel is getting rid of 2,200 jobs as they are trying to save $150 million this year.


The online beauty subscription box service enhanced their website making it easier for customers to shop and customize their experience. They’ve add “Pillar Pages” which adds storytelling to the buying experience. Birchbox is also using data to change up content each month with a new theme. They are really thinking about the personalization and the online customer experience.

Ivanka Trump

The brand is slowing down and licensing contracts will not be renewed. Last year, Trump stepped down from her company after the brand wasn’t going to continue a deal with Sanei International (bringing the brand to Japan). As the company continued to open stores, it faced some issues. Retailers such as Nordstrom and TJ Maxx weren’t selling the Ivanka Trump brand quite as much. ‘Grab Your Wallet’ also monitored which stores were selling the brand and which were letting it go. You’ll be seeing a lot more of her things on the clearance rack.


Mount Sinai

This week, the Icahn School of Medicine launched the Center for Biomedical Blockchain research. This will aim towards technology advancing healthcare and medical science. Joel Dudley, EVP of Precision Health at Mt. Sinai will be leading this project along with Noah Zimmerman, Director of the Health Data and Design Innovation center. It’s the first of its kind at an academic medical center.


Earlier this week, CMS reinstated the Affordable Care Act risk-adjustment program and also did some updating after they froze more than $10 billion in payments to insurers. The process is going fast in order to maintain stability and predictability. The rule will not go through a notice and comment period.

National Institutes of Health

Tuesday was the start of an initiative to gain accessibility and use big data to speed up biomedical innovation. NIH calls it STRIDES (Science and Technology Research Infrastructure for Discover, Experimentation and Sustainability). NIH partnered with Google in order to bring Google Cloud into this research. Google has already hired former Cleveland Clinic CEO, Toby Cosgrove.

LifePoint Health

The private equity company, Apollo, acquired LifePoint Health in a $5.6 billion deal. Apollo will merge LifePoint with the 16-hospital system, RCCH HealthCare Partners. Combined, the system will operate 84 hospitals across 30 states. Their portfolio will include physician practices and outpatient clinics.


Bitfi Wallet

The founder of McAfee antivirus software announced that there would be a $100K reward for anyone who can hack his Bitfi wallet. It’s the world’s first unhackable and open source crypto wallet. It’s a physical device to store cryptocurrencies and digital assets.


The social platform will use artificial intelligence to counter Russian intelligence officers and other online intruders. These intruders are using “misleading strategies and false information to meddle in the upcoming US midterm elections.” Last year, Facebook said that one of the Russian intruder groups posted more than 80,000 times between 2015-2017. Facebook users received those posts directly to their feed.


With the recent cyberattack that affected 1.5 million patients, the Singapore government has disconnected computers from the internet in public healthcare centers. During this most recent attack, even the Prime Minister of Singapore had outpatient medication data and personal information exposed.

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