The Truth Behind AI And The Fears That Come With It


When I first learned about artificial intelligence, it was hard to find an article that did not warn of AI having the ability to make its way into many industries, and even in our day to day functions.

When AI first appeared on the scene, people became fearful of robots taking over the world. Although these ideas still have some people up at night (hey, Elon Musk) those concerns are not entirely what we are talking about. What we are referring to are the basic tools that we use every day, we sometimes forget it is composed of artificial intelligence features.

AI In Business Functions

We’re talking about machines that we use daily in business and personal settings that incorporate voice interactions, along with nonvoice interactions, such as Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, smart cars, and even the features on your mobile banking apps, like fraud detection, that combine data-driven capabilities and make our lives a whole lot easier.

Although as consumers, using these tools can be beneficial to us in our every day to day life, when it comes to incorporating AI into business strategies, professionals can be met with challenges and risk.  It is important to understand these risks while deciding if AI would be right for your business.

AI Creates Concerns

Artificial intelligence is pretty powerful. Because it is so powerful, incorporating it into your enterprise can bring concerns for business leaders. The concerns are rooted not only in the power that AI possesses but also the change that it creates throughout the business structure. The companies that are using AI report that the major concern they have with AI is the fact that their enterprise becomes more vulnerable to disruptions.

Business leaders are also concerned with the idea that AI can run the risk of important data being exposed and breached since enterprises put trust in computers and machines to hold important information, like customer data.

Since artificial intelligence supports cognitive analytics, computers are learning as well as carrying out functions. This means that enterprises are giving machines power that humans once held, which can be a concern for many professionals.

All in all, AI has the ability to change daily functions as we know it. It has already found its way into everyday functions of life, and business is no exception.

Businesses must learn how to successfully tackle AI and integrate it into functions that can support different processes like tackling customer data and reaching a targeted audience.


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