20 Jul, 2018

Weekly News Roundup featuring Health Catalyst, Target, Microsoft, Toys R Us and more…


TGIF! Hoping everyone had a great week. Here at The Millennium Alliance, we’ve been gearing up for our August Digital Marketing & Retail Assembly in Dallas. But before we all head into another summer weekend, let’s take a look at the latest stories from this week.


Dignity Health

UCSF is partnering with Dignity Health and their cloud-based technology platform. This will help the way patients interact with the two organizations. Over the past two years, Dignity Health has been building this platform in order to “remove the friction points where patients interact with the provider.” An example of this could be guiding visitors to the cafeteria or even using data to help patients before they get to the emergency room.


The multinational generic pharmaceutical company announced this week that they will be increasing their output of opioids for US hospitals to help our current shortage of injectable opioids. These opioids treat pain after surgery and have been in demand for over a year since Pfizer had a problem with production.

Health Catalyst

They’ve created a new tool that will help hospitals predict and prevent incidents using data analytics. This will be the the newest addition to Health Catalyst’s Patient Safety Monitor suite. It’s been in the works for over two years and is costing more than $50 million. It uses artificial intelligence and works as a trigger-based system to reduce risk for patients.



Gear up, New York. Target is launching same day delivery in NY this summer. Target will be using Shipt, hiring 2,000 shoppers to make deliveries. Customers will be able to receive products in as little as an hour. By August 14th, all boroughs in Manhattan will be able to utilize this service.


Prime Day was a big hit this year, but not just for Amazon. Large retailers increased by 54% compared to any other Tuesday, but smaller retailers saw an 18% decrease in online sales. Revenue for Amazon almost tripled and around 23% of sales were electronics. Total Prime
Day sales this year were at $4.2 billion.

Toys R Us

The toy store left $1.3 billion in the toy market that suppliers are now trying to fix. Toys R Us has finally come to a settlement agreement and struck a deal with vendors to settle the bankruptcy.



There’s a new marketing campaign, #BeMoreHuman, that’s bringing on the most influential female artists, athletes and activists who aren’t afraid to speak out about feminism. The list will include Gal Gadot, Ariana Grande, Reese Scott, Gigi Hadid and more.


The car company partnered with Amazon to create a digital showroom that shows comparisons of price, different reviews, schedules for test drives, dealership inventory and more. Users will be able to go directly through Amazon.com to the car website.

Coors Light

National Geographic teamed with Coors Light for a campaign called, “My Next.” This will be a multi-platform campaign including interactive maps, photo journals and documentaries following submarine pilot Erika Bergman. This will be part of Coors’ “thirst for more” and made with MillerCoor’s agency, Connect.



Information was released this week about attackers using a fake version of the Microsoft website to make phishing attacks on three 2018 congressional candidates. Microsoft found out about this and did work with the government to remove the domain and put an end to the attempts. This same situation happened during the 2016 Democratic Convention in Philly, where attackers used a fake Microsoft site.

Singapore Data Breach

Hackers broke into a government health database and stole personal data from 1.5 million people in Singapore. The data included names and addresses of people who visited health clinics over the past three years. Full medical records were not taken but details about medications were taken from about 160,000 of these people.

Facial Recognition

The newest technology was used in the UK to identify two suspects that were apart of the poisoning a former Russian double agent and his daughter. There was surveillance camera footage of the suspect which was analyzed by facial recognition software. This type of technology is controversial, but has definitely been helpful.

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