10 Jul, 2018

CoreMedia Tackles The 7 Content Challenges For E-Commerce in New eBook


Need help tackling your content challenges for e-commerce? CoreMedia is here to guide you to the best practices to conquer them. From branding to product descriptions to customer service, content is critical in e-commerce. The e-commerce world is an extremely competitive one and there are many challenges faced by e-commerce companies today. It is advancing at a rapid rate, and many e-commerce companies are attempting to enter the business daily. 

In CoreMedia’s latest whitepaper, the content experience platform answers what these content challenges are, why they matter, and how your business can conquer them to be a champion in e-commerce this year.

The Challenges of Content in E-Commerce

Mastering content involves tackling a host of challenges, both technical and logistical. In CoreMedia’s whitepaper, they ask 4 vital questions that a business should be able to answer when tackling these challenges in e-commerce:

  • Does your team have the right tools to maximize digital media assets?
  • Can you efficiently implement workflows to address mobile demands, multisite launches, or multilanguage requirements?
  • Will your existing CMS allow you to scale content quickly as needs change?
  • Do you have the ability to integrate seamlessly with major commerce platforms?

By identifying these crucial questions, it opens up the floor for discussion, leading to dialogue that could have the potential to modify current strategies in place to overcome new challenges the e-commerce landscape is constantly facing. So, where do you begin? CoreMedia examines the biggest content challenges facing e-commerce companies and discusses some of the best solutions available by breaking them down into 7 challenges:

  • CHALLENGE 1: Regaining Creative Control
  • CHALLENGE 2: Managing Rich Media
  • CHALLENGE 3: Mastering Mobile Commerce
  • CHALLENGE 4: Coordinating Global Publishing
  • CHALLENGE 5: Developing Real-Time Personalization
  • CHALLENGE 6: Incorporating Existing Tools
  • CHALLENGE 7: Handling Integrations Over Time

Click here to see the challenges in an in-depth look.

The future will only bring further complexity. With the e-commerce landscape increasing in size and influence, scale and agility will be essential in overcoming the inevitable challenges that growth brings along with it. CoreMedia aims to help businesses regain control of e-commerce in their latest whitepaper.

E-Commerce of the Future

To compete in eCommerce, companies must tackle a host of complex challenges around their content needs, both today and in the future. The key to online success is a compelling customer experience, which means delivering the right content to the right person at the right time. The right tools to manage that content are essential.

If you are wondering how you should apply the lessons learned from the content challenges to future e-commerce success to your own business, do not miss out on CoreMedia’s new whitepaper 7 Content Challenges for E-Commerce: What They Are, Why They Matter, and How Your Business Can Conquer Them.


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